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  1. CJ_Donahue

    2005 Fleetwood Terry Quantum 29 Foot 5th Wheel

    Trying to help out a neighbor who's husband passed away recently. This was their retirement trailer they bought new. No kids or pets. It is a 2005 Terry Quantum 285 RLS trailer and she is asking $13,500 but might take less for serious no hastle offer. Trailer is in Orange County, Ca. Pictures...
  2. CJ_Donahue

    Car Shipping Advice- Tucson to O.C or Havasu

    Long story short.... My father-in-law passed away and I need to get his 2009 Toyota Highlander to sell. The car is in Tucson Arizona and I am in Orange County. Flying there and driving back is obviously the cheapest but my time is worth more than the savings. If we could get it to Havasu my wife...
  3. CJ_Donahue

    [SOLD] Rented - London Bridge 2 Bedroom Fri July 24 - Fri July 31st

    We have a 2 bedroom suite at the London Bridge reserved for Friday July 24th - Friday July 31st. We also reserved a dock for the entire week for $25 a night. Any interest before we bank the week? I tried to find the standard room rate but it is sold out anyways.
  4. CJ_Donahue

    [SOLD] Power Caster PC-2

  5. CJ_Donahue

    Want to Rent - Every other Sun-Wed All Summer

    Like the title says my family is looking to rent a place every other Sunday -Wednesday all summer (8-10 weekends). We were going to rent a house 50-50 with a friend but because of the Covid-19 crap he backed out. The place must have inside boat storage so we can leave the boat (Cole 250s) for...
  6. CJ_Donahue

    Best Super Bowl Commercial

    Game is not even over and I'm declaring a winner. Made everyone in the house laugh when Sam Elliot's mustache danced. The Cool Ranch
  7. CJ_Donahue

    Verizon Offering Free Disney+

    FYI..... Those with any Verizon's Unlimited phone plan or Verizon Fios get 12 months of the brand new Diney+ streaming service for free. After the promotional period, the subscription is $6.99 per month. Took me 5 minutes to set it up and add the cancellation date to my phone calendar. Deal is...
  8. CJ_Donahue

    Sold- Boat Trailer

    EZ Loader Boat Trailer. Trailer had a 26 foot deep V Formula that is long gone. Should fit anything between 24 and 28 feet fairly easily. Has not been used in 15+ years. Sat covered with tarps. I just registered it (Current with PTI tags until 12-31-21) because I was going to modify it as a...
  9. CJ_Donahue

    [SOLD] SOLD - Wellcraft Scarab Excell

    Sold Very clean, always garaged, & fresh water only Wellcraft Scarab Excell. Both boat and trailer are registered as 1989 but both were redone in 2017. Installed a small block chevy 350 in 2017 (35 hours total) and new drive last summer (SEI 3 year warranty only 7 months old). Built to keep but...
  10. CJ_Donahue

    Spanky's Parker

    Earlier this year we bought an iFloat from Spanky's in Parker. Great store and fair prices - highly recommended. Well so last trip I saw someone with velcro straps, looked easier than the iFloat's sinch straps, and since I'm driving to Havasu now and going to drive past Spanky's I thought I...
  11. CJ_Donahue

    Alpha Lower in Havasu

    I knew I needed to rebuild/replace but I was hoping to get the season out of it. Some of you may have seen it but yesterday at Three Dunes reverse worked perfect but forward didn't engage and I had to bail out to keep it off that little rock island. Limped back to Cottonwoof Cove and, of course...
  12. CJ_Donahue

    Please Delete - Gone

    Mods, if this is the wrong section please move it but I would like to see if anyone from RDP wants them before I donate or dump them. First: Approx. 1985 Formula on an aluminium trailer. Boat has drive and motor which was running when parked in early 2000s. Second is an approx 1990 Taylor...
  13. CJ_Donahue

    C8 Corvette

    I'm sure I'm not the only one interested so, @jholley are you accepting orders for the mid-engine C8s yet? Have they published a price or even a range for the Z06 C8 mid-engine yet? Thanks, Chris
  14. CJ_Donahue

    [WTS] 2003 Honda 50

    Sold to RDP Member. Super easy transaction. I love this community. I have had this little Honda XR50R for about 10 year. Both of my kids learned to ride on this bike and outgrew it years ago but I was to sentimental to let it go. It comes with training wheels and all the gear pictured. The...
  15. CJ_Donahue

    [WTB] Ifloat or similar

    I would like to buy the 12' Red/White/Blue Ifloat but I can't pull the trigger on the $420 factory price tag. Amazon has them for $350 but shipping is over $100. Before I break the bank does anyone have one or similar for sale?
  16. CJ_Donahue

    Living ON Lake Havasu

    Two weeks ago my family and I were cruising Havasu popping in and out of coves looking for a beach close to site 6 when we came upon this house boat. The house boat appeared unoccupied so we gave it space but there was a nice beach around the corner and we set up camp on the beach. We were...
  17. CJ_Donahue

    New Name & Introduction

    I have been an active lurker since 2012 but lost the passwords and the passwords to the emails of my past accounts (PineStreet231 & CJDonahue) so I just started fresh. First things first: Family Boat (DCM) - Never selling, maintained to perfection, & all rules apply Dog's Boat - No rules &...