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  1. 76 Hondo

    Opinions Dynamax Isata 5 Super C

    Saw one on the road, didn’t think I was in the market, but can’t get this thing out of my head!
  2. 76 Hondo

    Birthday Cake!

    This looks good,Mmmmm
  3. 76 Hondo

    Birthday Present 🎁

    Daughter just got her Birthday present! Pointed out it has her BF’s, Her’s and his daughter’s initials on it Rob/Darcy/Peyton?
  4. 76 Hondo

    Quality Marine

    Quality Marine anybody use them? Asking because I used them for service and they moved they boat around for the new canvas and for some trailer repairs. Bottom line I thought these guys were great, just don’t hear any talk about them on here. Last year took the boat somewhere else and alarms...
  5. 76 Hondo

    Another Old River Place

    As my River trip progressed from sleeping on a picnic table, to our River trips when I got married, Arizona Shores Motel! Buddy would tow his boat with his Corvette and we would get 2 rooms that were a joined by a kitchen, real bed, real showers, and AC.
  6. 76 Hondo

    NJBA Lake Ming

    Lucas is out, so how about some support for the NJBA Drag Boats? November 9-10 2019. Great racing at a great facility Lake Ming in Bakersfield!
  7. 76 Hondo

    In case anyone forgot, RitcheyRch!

  8. 76 Hondo

    Avengers Endgame

    Wife and I finally saw the movie this afternoon, we usually see these right when they come out, because the releases coincided with the Wife’s birthday. My take away I have the body of Thor!
  9. 76 Hondo

    F’it I’m on Vacay pt. 2 ?

    Ok question for all you guys, I know I’m not the only one that doesn’t do well on mountain roads, big drop offs, but as I get older I’m getting worse. We have to stop and let the Wife drive or I’ll be doing 3 mph. So yesterday she is driving through the mountains US 89 in AZ. coming into Page...
  10. 76 Hondo

    F’it all I’m on VACAY!

    Left yesterday to pick up boat after service, what a Custer fuck that was, pontoon boat safely tucked away. Just pulled into Sedona for the weekend, then Wifey and I are headed north to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, been promising her for years to take her there.
  11. 76 Hondo

    How F’d Up is AT&T

    So pissed at these assholes I can’t even think straight, hours on the phone with customer no fucking service!!
  12. 76 Hondo


    Sorry DILLIGAF, My bride and I just celebrated our 48th!!! Been together 50 plus, both children of parents that didn’t do any type of vacations except visit relatives in some BF part of the country. Swore we would be different with our family, she’s still my River girl and the Mother of our 3...
  13. 76 Hondo

    OK,Where the hell is RR and his GOOD MORNING

  14. 76 Hondo

    BS California Gas Prices

    Visiting in Georgia from California, WTF, gas 1.87!!!!
  15. 76 Hondo

    Candy Canes?

    OK , who put the candy cane on Natalie’s ass?
  16. 76 Hondo

    HQ Trivia ?

    Any body playing HQ Trivia? How much have you won? Me about 4 months, $.85
  17. 76 Hondo

    76 Hondo's Sweaty Everything Tour!

    Happy 4th of July from the other side of a different pond!
  18. 76 Hondo

    Detailier in So. County

    Looking for a mobile detail guy in So. Orange Co., for the Wife's car, any recommendations?
  19. 76 Hondo

    Even I would roll on this Roll Bar Boat

  20. 76 Hondo

    The Next Great Country Artist

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56duVYLsd4Q Could be the next great Country Artist:rolleyes: