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  1. LakeBeard

    Jeep got some work done

    The previous owner had a POS rough country lift on my TJ. I finally ripped it all out and upgraded to a Currie Rock Jock short arm lift. All double adjustable control arms with jonny joints new front and rear track bar, new shocks, anti rock,new rear sway links new rear drive shaft, front drive...
  2. LakeBeard

    Snow Chains for 37" Tires

    I want to go play in the snow this year, I assume I'll need chains? Any recommendations on where to get chains for 37x12.5x18?
  3. LakeBeard

    School me on Inverters

    I'm in the process of hooking up the Virgil (my Power Wagon) . I recently added a battery and compressor (twin ARB) and now I want to add an inverter. I'm not 100% sure why or what I would be running, I guess a speaker when out shooting or maybe a power tool, possibly a TV? I would like plenty...
  4. LakeBeard

    LAM! Truck got new shoes

    Look at her! So damn sexy. 2018 Power Wagon. 37" Toyo 1.5 level kit Done by JBM in Anaheim.
  5. LakeBeard

    Pontoon Repair

    I need my toons repaired, hoping I don't have to replace them, looking for a good shop or if someone knows a DIY fix. Also looking for a good shop to service it. I had taken it up to Premier in Needles before, no issues w/ the shop, just wondering if there are better options in Havasu on the AZ side
  6. LakeBeard

    School me on Golf Carts

    I'm going to pick up a golf cart pretty soon, I know for sure I want a 6 seater so I have room for ice chests etc. I'm not sure if I want gas or electric. I'm leaning toward electric b/c it will sit in Havasu at the landing year round, so I'm thinking maintenance will be easier? not really sure...
  7. LakeBeard

    Looking for storage

    Looking for storage in the oc ie area, outdoor as it's for an enclosed trailer, 27 overall length. Anybody know of anything?
  8. LakeBeard

    WW2 Planes

    Maybe I missed the post, but did anyone else see the WW2 planes flying over the Lake this past weekend? I love that kind of stuff
  9. LakeBeard

    What are your thoughts on this boat?

    I'm talking to this guy about trading my bike for this boat, what do you think? is this a decent boat? I have a toon...but both the wife and I kinda want a smaller boat as well. I asked for more pics and details, I will send those off as I get them, what do I need to look out for or what should...
  10. LakeBeard

    We are looking to Hire....

    I'm looking to hire a few people, my bosses are mainly interested in a recent college grad. Ideally the candidate has a engineering degree or Project management degree The position would be for an Assistant PM with the goal of becoming a PM running a team. The work is in the La Mirada Area. I...
  11. LakeBeard

    Working on the Jeep

    Can't get to the Landing to work on the boat, so I'm working on my Jeep. Started w/ the shocks, previous owner had rough country, swapped out for Rancho 5000X, check out the rough country shock, that had about 2k miles on it. Broke the passenger seat, so replaced both, these are smitty built.
  12. LakeBeard

    Should I trade?

    Thinking about trading my bike for these Bike is a 1997 FXSTC with 18k miles https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/boa/d/calabasas-two-kawasaki-waverunners-and/7103680655.html Pic of bike
  13. LakeBeard

    What's this trailer worth?

    12*6.5 dual axel w/ brakes? I'm thinking about selling it...
  14. LakeBeard

    Whip Flags

    Any plans in making RDP whip Flags?
  15. LakeBeard


    Looking to trade or sell my Harley. I'd like dirt toys / water toys, cash works too. Just had her serviced 1997 FXSTC 18k miles Arlen Ness Slam Kit Lots of extra parts
  16. LakeBeard

    4 point harness in a jeep?

    Alright brain trust, what's the verdict? do I need to put 4 point harnesses in my Jeep? I don't do any crazy crawling, but I did almost roll it this weekend. I hear OEM are better w/o head and neck restraints...is this true? I'm new to off-roading and want to keep my family safe.
  17. LakeBeard

    School me on wiring

    I'm adding in a rock lights, back up lights and a whip to my jeep, so I want to add a rocker switch panel as well, the one below is what I bought, I'm wondering if I need to have a realy for each item or if I can use one large relay for the unit itself...
  18. LakeBeard

    Frigide Air

    any inmates work here or know someone that does? Getting screwed majorly w/ a new purchase and not getting anywhere w/ the service reps, cant even get past registering my stove.
  19. LakeBeard

    Leaving Ca

    I finally talked my wife and parents (they watch my kids) into leaving Ca. Planning on moving to Glendale / Peoria area. I am super excited, can't wait!
  20. LakeBeard

    Trailer Roof repair

    Does anybody know of someone that will come to the car side of Havasu to work on my roof? I have a small leak, but want the whole roof resealed.