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  1. airchair.rider

    GM 8-Speed Transmission

    I have a 2015 Silverado with a 6.2 and a 8 speed transmission that I bought from a member with 60,000 miles and that now has 130,000 miles. It does shift hard maybe once or twice a month but then goes back to shifting normal again. I am willing to put up with crazy shifting every once and a...
  2. airchair.rider

    Anyone with one kidney?

    I had a kidney removed when I was in my 20's and I am 60 now. No problems until last year when I got kidney stones, had a couple of surgeries to remove the stones and all is good again. No special diet but I did learn cashews, almonds, peanuts and tea creates stones so now I stay away from them.
  3. airchair.rider

    Interior Stains

    Had the same thing happen but only where the cover touched the seats. After it was out in the sun for a couple of hours it would return to white again.
  4. airchair.rider

    Has anyone rebuilt a seadoo pump

    You might have to get a couple specialty tools but it is a very easy job.
  5. airchair.rider

    What injuries have you gotten playing on the water?

    Cracked ribs waterskiing trying to jump of the wake. Ruptured ear drum 2 different times, once on a tube and once on a ski. Bruised ribs another time airchairing ….still not sure what happened that time.
  6. airchair.rider

    Muclecar / truck project wanted. . . anyone looking to sell a project?

    I will take more pictures of the wagon this weekend. The body is super straight with a little bit of rust behind the rear wheels and side rear windows. The tailgate has some bubbles. There was no rust in the floors when I replaced the carpet.
  7. airchair.rider

    Muclecar / truck project wanted. . . anyone looking to sell a project?

    If you are interested I can get more pictures. It is a cool car and had built a big block for it but just don't have time to work on it.
  8. airchair.rider

    Muclecar / truck project wanted. . . anyone looking to sell a project?

    I have been toying with selling this 1972 Chevelle wagon. I bought it about 15 years ago and drove it for a couple of years then partially pulled it apart. Still runs and drives.
  9. airchair.rider

    Launch Ramp Shit Show

    I learned that socks work good for tying bunk boards.
  10. airchair.rider

    Ceramic window tint on windshield, anyone?

    I have it on my Silverado and love it. A side benefit is the widows don't get the hazy film from the outgassing of the plastic.
  11. airchair.rider

    South Chandler / Gilbert

    I live in North Mesa, McKellips and Horne. I had the same van stolen 4 times and 3 of the times it was found on the reservation so I agree there used to be a problem but since the 202 went thru almost all the thefts have stopped.
  12. airchair.rider

    How to Replace an old Rex Shifter and Cable

    Let me know if you need parts for the shifter. I have several different parts but no complete shifters.
  13. airchair.rider

    Mike Rowe podcast....

    My kid got me started me listening to these. All have been good!
  14. airchair.rider

    Drive wedge?

    Let me know if you still need one. I have a few of them on the shelf.
  15. airchair.rider

    Sunday Cruise...... Whatcha drivin?

    Took the ghetto glider out for a spin
  16. airchair.rider

    Perko hinge?

    I might have a couple, I will check later today.
  17. airchair.rider

    Seasonal service. Do you guys use any lube on the impeller?

    Liquid Soap.....nothing petroleum based