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  1. BUSTI

    Change my mind...

    Doesn't the Nordic 192 win every year even with being penalized for being too fast?
  2. BUSTI

    Lower River property for sale

    want to sell the Lavey?
  3. BUSTI

    good morning inmates

    Good Morning!
  4. BUSTI

    Howard SDS

    Sick! Love it.
  5. BUSTI

    Baked potato...

    That was the rule in my house. You don't have to put everything on your plate but if you do it had better be eaten. Oh yeah, and when you leave the table the kitchen is closed for the night.
  6. BUSTI

    good morning inmates

    Good Morning!
  7. BUSTI

    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Good Morning!
  8. BUSTI

    Winter clean up

    Looking good
  9. BUSTI

    good morning inmates

    Good Morning!
  10. BUSTI

    good morning inmates

    Good morning
  11. BUSTI

    First try at a gel scheme

    I like it. Maybe a little more purple on top somewhere? Congrats
  12. BUSTI

    good morning inmates

  13. BUSTI

    Another garage floor project

    Go rent a bead blaster. Quickest way to get all that paint up.
  14. BUSTI

    Looking for a place in parker

    I'll sell you my place at Riverland. Good deal. Its small but for the price you could remove it in a year and put a 3 bed double wide on it and be under budget. I can send pictures.
  15. BUSTI

    Tankless hot water heater... school me.

    Not to mention if there is another revolution.
  16. BUSTI

    Eliminator 25 Daytona

    Oh man the TICO TIME. I know this boat and there has been a lot of Debauchery in this boat. Have fun with it. its a great boat.
  17. BUSTI

    525 top end refresh time - Suggestions?

    Teague. Make it a 625
  18. BUSTI

    How are you going to cook your turkey?

    Smoke this season. We will see if its good. I have bakes, Sous Vide and fried turkey so if it still sucks after smoking it, I will have determined that turkey just isn't good.
  19. BUSTI

    Anyone else going to glamis for Thanksgiving?

    Man I miss the dunes.
  20. BUSTI

    Dog bite incident , you cant make this up !

    Make sure the pit is put down. next time it will be a child. The breed is bad.