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  1. She's Mine

    [WTS] (4) Hallett Carpeted Fender Covers

    @BUDMAN perfect for the 255
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    Hot Water - filmed in LHC, available now on streaming channels

    Larry Rippenkroger is one of your neighbors? Nice, he was big in the jetski freestyle back when I was racing in the 90's
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    Why do we drive performance boats?

    I don't think it matters if you grew up with a performance boat or a fishing boat or no boat at all. Once you've been in a boat it gets in your blood. Personally I grew up with finishing boats and been to Catalina more times before I was 10 then most people go in their lifetime. It really...
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    Mercury Racing Bravo I 32p RH Labbed Prop

    Yes plus I'm looking to go to a 5 blade prop. I run a full SCX upper and lower.
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    Happy wife happy life . The Sosa 34

    Will this boat have a center pod or full tunnel?
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    Mercury Racing Bravo I 32p RH Labbed Prop

    Merc Labbed 32p Bravo 1 also comes with hub. What else would you like to know?
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    WTB 32 Spectre W/ Twin OB Or Similar

    I want their new 32WB. That is a beautiful boat.
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    WTB 32 Spectre W/ Twin OB Or Similar

    Is this for sale? If so, what is the asking price and where is it located?
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    Weekend boating

    The acceleration in the first video is wicked. 👍
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    [WTB] Bravo 30p

    Mr Peter... A boat that can pull a stock 30p prop should be able to pull a labbed 32p. At least that is the general rule of thumb TCM uses when picking a prop. ;)🤪😁
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    [WTB] Bravo 30p

    I have a practically brand new Merc Labbed 32p for sale.
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    Merc Racing Max 5 - FOR SALE

    Wish this was a 30 or 32p.
  13. She's Mine

    well I'm Sorry to make Everyone Confused Im just Trying Make friends here

    Hey Chris, glad to see you on here as well as FB. Keep smiling kid. Love seeing and reading your post. Hope to see you at the LHC Boat Show or DS this year. 👍
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    WTB DCB F26

    Can you post some pics of it?
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    Spare prop for sale.

    I have a Merc Labbed Bravo I 32p for sale if you want a new prop.
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    Spring Meet at Pirates (03/20)

    That's Paul Tracy's new Skater.
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    Happy Birthday Budman!

    Happy Birthday you Old Man!
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    Newscum Recall petitions psa

    This guy if a fucking tool and the same goes for the Hollywood elitist. The People of California have spoken and we want this on the ballot you fucking moron.
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    Spring Meetup On Saturday - Pirates

    I'm thinking of doing a bonzai out Saturday after dropping my daughter off at LAX. Possibly hitting Parker on Sunday. Where can I launch solo on Sunday in Parker? I haven't done that before.