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  1. jetur3

    Just In Case, any qualified individuals need a job in Goodyear, Az.

    I know most guys / gals in here are pretty set financially but, didn't want to miss a possible opportunity with someone like minded. We are looking for an estimator / project manager. General Contractor seeking qualified estimator / project manager. Company is based in Goodyear and mainly...
  2. jetur3

    Vaccine... to take... or not to take?

    Trumps white house is to announce two vaccine development leaders later today. One will be a military leader. Since when is the military involved in a vaccine process? Am I missing something here, or is this a normal process? Would like to know if anyone has any inside knowledge of what is...
  3. jetur3

    FML just got a huge contract put on hold.

    Just got a call from a large home builder that put a $1.2 mil contract on hold. We were supposed to start in a week so, I have 15 guys, (3) excavators, (2) loaders, a couple of backhoes and water trucks with nowhere to go. This builder has been great to work for spending $$$ hand over fist...
  4. jetur3

    2020 Dakar Rally (P.S.A.) what are your thoughts, who are your favorites?

    To start off, this year is in Saudi Arabia. It will be a 12 stage rally with day 7 being a rest day, all starting on 1/5. The bikes are always a favorite of mine as we have all riden a dirt bike. Toby Price is probably the favorite this year as he actually stopped riding a few weeks back to...
  5. jetur3

    Thanksgiving... It's all over except the leftovers

    So, how much weight did each inmate gain over the last 4 days? We host and usually have about 25 people. This year only 12 people. The problem with that is the wife made the same amount of food as we need on normal years. I gained 6 lbs.
  6. jetur3

    2007 Weekend Warrior FSC 2800

    2007 Weekend Warrior FSC 2800. Onan Gold Series 5500 (1050 hrs), two 12v deep cycle batteries. Tires are stamped 20th week of 2018. Has spare underneath. 15 gallon propane capacity, 150 gallons of fresh water, 50 gallons black water and 50 gallons of gray. 50 gallon gasoline transfer station...
  7. jetur3

    Plastic 30' CC? (DGS Monster)

    I guess the big draw here is the hull is maintenance free and you can beat the hell out of it. I could see LEO going this route.
  8. jetur3

    Reef Cushion

    Got a pair of reefs "cushion model"for Fathers Day. These things are a game changer at the river. They feel like a gel filled sole flip flop. The only drawback is they hold water until it sqwishes back out. If you don't have them get them, your welcome. My feet normally hurt after a day at the...
  9. jetur3

    Tired of Driving

    Don't know what it is but I'm just tired of driving in general. I end up driving about 35k a year. Family trips are me driving all by myself on an island while she reads a book. Lol. Anyways I have been dating or married to my wife for the last 20 yrs and I told her unless we are pulling I'm...
  10. jetur3

    American Turbine questions

    Was wondering if any of the braintrust has ever tried to dial in an American Turbine. I have a Carrera 205 Elite 21'. I'm currently repowering from 320hp to 450hp. Also in the middle of rebuilding the pump. Any ideas on which impeller to put back in? American Turbine says put in a AA. What are...
  11. jetur3

    You're not going to believe this sh#t

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/08/phoenix-woman-coma-gives-birth-hacienda-healthcare-ceo-resigns I couldn't even imagine having a family member in this situation.
  12. jetur3

    Christmas decorations in the yard

    My aunt lives up the street and is out of town. Her yard decorations we're all over FB. She called from Florida to ask if we would put them in her garage. Lol
  13. jetur3

    New F550s rediculous towing capacity.

    Sorry for the bad pics but I was taking these pics as he was cutting off 4 lanes of traffic on I-10. By my calcs the goosneck is 7k, the top kick on the gooseneck is 10k, and the semi being pulled behind that is 14k. So he's pulling roughly 31k lbs. I'm hoping this hillbilly bs only happens west...
  14. jetur3

    Which Fleet GPS system?

    Need a little help from the brain trust. I'm looking for a GPS system that I can use on my company trucks and heavy equipment. I have looked at a few options over the years but, have kicked the can long enough. Looking for something we can watch from the office PC's along with phone apps. It...
  15. jetur3

    Sorry for party n

    I guess rich people pay the price for partyn just like us poor people. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nascar.nbcsports.com/2018/08/06/nascar-chairman-brian-france-arrested-for-driving-while-intoxicated/amp/
  16. jetur3

    Have you heard of U-Haul

    Passed this on the way home from the river. I was only going 65 because I had the toy hauler in tow. I assume he was going about 50 trying to keep that load on. And yes that is a full size half ton under there. I understand using your truck but thats on the fence of hazardous. At least he had...
  17. jetur3

    Carrera 20.5 restoration

    Have had several boats over the years and one of my favorites was the 20.5 elite. A group of our friends go to Blythe every year and leave the boats and RVs for a couple of months. We started tagging along and quickly realized that sitting on the shore and bumming rides sucks. (Especially if you...