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  1. Nanu/Nanu

    New Coast Guard Kill Switch Requirement

    Engine/Propulsion Cut-Off Devices (uscgboating.org) Hey guys so I have been reading these articles about the new ECOS coast guard requirement. To me they have been misleading and would make one think that even if your boat was never manufactured with an ECOS you would need to install one. THIS...
  2. Nanu/Nanu

    Fallen AT3W vs. Nitto Ridge Grappler

    I currently have Falken AT3W and really have been super happy with them. I see Nitto Ridge Grapplers look comparable. Anyone have experience with both and which one would you choose and why. I'm just wondering if the grass maybe greener. Thanks in advance
  3. Nanu/Nanu


    Posting for a friend. He needs his slide out awnings redone. Local RV mechanic/repair guy quoted him $750 for 3 slides 1 big and 2 smalls. Is this a reasonable price? Thanks in advance
  4. Nanu/Nanu

    Fundraiser for the rec. Boating cause

    @RiverDave... I don't know how to word this, but I've had it with the 4 liberals on this site that perpetually poke the nest with nothing productive whatsoever to this site. Anyways I know you charge a fee for 18+. I do not want tits and ass, but I'm willing to contribute to the cause for an...
  5. Nanu/Nanu

    Elka suspension service shout out.

    If you have elka shocks Impact Solutions is one of the only if not the only authorized service facility for elka shocks in the U.S. Casey did a fantastic job and was fast, reasonably priced and has great customer service. Impact Solutions http://impactsolutionsatv.com/?hg=0 655 Hocking Rd...
  6. Nanu/Nanu

    1994 25' Eliminator Eagle 250

    Thanks for clicking on my thread. This is my thread to document the mods I'm doing to my Eliminator. But first I'd like to give you some history of me and the boat and how we came together. First off I did not grow up around a boat, my wife on the other hand did. We worked hard and bought our...
  7. Nanu/Nanu

    Covid 19 test

    Now now calm down fuckers! I know there's gonna be a lot of fighting for first spot in line on this! https://thehill.com/homenews/news/536197-china-uses-anal-swabs-to-test-for-covid-19
  8. Nanu/Nanu

    [WTS] Bravo 3 Prop for sale

    PROP for sale Hill signature 4x4 24 pitch. This is a great prop for a 5.7L motor with a V8 if you like to do water sports. I had this on my 22' open bow that I sold and it made that boat feel like you were driving on asphalt. If interested please call text or pm Austin at 623-776-5164. Thank you...
  9. Nanu/Nanu

    Shop to make a bow cover

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that can make and install a bow cover. I prefer Havasu or phoenix. Thanks in advance for your referrals.
  10. Nanu/Nanu

    What's in your humidor?

    Just wanted to start a thread about cigars. I put this here in the bbq section because that is when I enjoy my smokes. I like to couple my cigar with a micro brew beer of some sort lately it's been an 805. I personally enjoy medium to dark blends. Currently I'm hooked on anything from the...
  11. Nanu/Nanu

    [WTS] Signature bravo 3 24" prop.

    Up for sale is my Hill Marine signature 4x4 24" prop set for a bravo 3. Purchased last year put 100 hrs on it sold the boat it went to and now i have a bravo 1. Asking $800 obo Located near Prescott, Call or text Austin @ 623-776-5164
  12. Nanu/Nanu

    Custom tumblers or wine glasses

    Just putting this out there my wife makes custom tumblers and wine glasses. Christmas is around the corner. Check her stuff out on instagram: designs_by_tm If you live in the Prescott, AZ area we can deliver for free. Outside of this area she charges shipping which is at cost and a minimum of...
  13. Nanu/Nanu

    5 blade props

    Is anyone running using or used a 5 blade prop. I have a 25' eliminator w/ a massaged 454. I'm thinking a 4 blade 22 would be great for pulling skiers and such but I'm wondering about a good prop for when I'm running up Powell fully loaded with camp gear. 3 80 lb dogs 2 adults 2 kids gear for...
  14. Nanu/Nanu

    Boat pic!

    Good morning inmates! Got some pics of my boat yesterday. It's a 1994 eliminator 250xp. AKA "My Other Babe". I picked up from @jayteetrotter. Had a chance to take her down to lake pleasant yesterday and had a good trip. Boat originally started as a closed bow and Jeremy converted it to a...
  15. Nanu/Nanu

    [WTS] 1996 Crownline 225 BR

    Good all around boat. Purchased last year with 323 hours on it and currently there's about 423. It is rigged with the mercruiser 5.7L and Bravo 3 out drive. We purchased the boat to see if we would be into this as a family and we have spent 50 days at Powell in the last year and put 100 hours on...
  16. Nanu/Nanu

    [WTS] 2005 Trx450r

    2005 trx450r for sale. Asking $3800 and willing to cut a deal for RDP MEMBER! anyways this has been a great quad. I have purchased a 2006 with the Lonestar long travel and now have to many running quads and one has to go. So this quad has a bad ass motor. Hi comp piston 13:1 to be exact and a...
  17. Nanu/Nanu

    3 hots and a cot with a loft up top!

    Just checking in! I reside in Prescott, AZ. We recreate at lake Powell. I own a 1996 Crownline 225 with a bravo 3. I'm mostly a DIY on all my toys and projects around the house. I have a beautiful/smart wife and 2 amazing and cute girls, and 3 interesting dogs. Aside from being one the water we...