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  1. mobldj

    waverunner seat reuploster

    best place and price in havi.tia
  2. mobldj

    For Fucks Sake

    heres one to all you little bitches who are suppressed,dont know if you want a penis or not,who to bang.what right has been taken away from you should i get the shot or not.for fucks sake......grow a pair
  3. mobldj

    1971 CaliforniaClipper Manx Style Buggy

    15,000 or best offer.ps,i dont have to sell it but for the right price shes gone
  4. mobldj

    need a truck with a bucket to trim tall palms

    anyone want to make some cash sitting in their truck while i do the dirty work.about 2 hours worth.doesnt hurt to ask.in parker,
  5. mobldj

    truck with man bucket

    long shot but who in parker has a truck with a bucket and wants to earn some cash just sitting watching me trim some taller than i feel safe standing on a ladder palms.cash paid.anyone ?
  6. mobldj

    waverunner service

    in parker or havasu whos the go to place for repair.have a 2011 waverunner 1800 with what i think is a leaking impeller seal ( or a hairline hull crack !! ).thanks in advance for any reliable not charge a arm and leg places.its the black one.
  7. mobldj

    gettin the SHOT today

    well since they opened it up to 65 and older....today at corona high im getting the covid vaccine.
  8. mobldj

    lol,heres our xmas card

    took the baby out for xmas pics last night,she had just shit her pants i guess.2020 says it all. MERRY CHRISTMAS FUCKERS
  9. mobldj

    heres a netflix show to watch

    2 seasons of the end of the fucking world.kinda kill bill ish but british.pretty quirky but in a good way.
  10. mobldj

    premier golf in havi shout out

    one of my chores in parker last week was to add a rear seat kit to my golf cart.what a pain in the ass.lol.looks nice but............first step is unbolt the stock front seat.4 bolts.of course 3 came out and the 4th just turned.took seat with bracket still hanging into havi to premier,fixed the...
  11. mobldj

    t,s and treats

    was in parker this last week,ran into havasu to do some shopping,was headed to carvers ( which is awesome) but remembered dave said that best burritos in town were at the t's place.couldnt remember the whole name so called dave and he helped.that was the best carne asada burrito ive ever had...
  12. mobldj

    dog to vet

    took my black lab to the 24 hour vet in mennifee.xlnt service.i was there almost 8 hours tho.covid,emergency animals coming in.they even have a pet ambulance.lots of hurry up and wait.ended up she might have cushings disease.more tests ( 900.00 and thats why i have pet insurance ! ) shes 10 and...
  13. mobldj

    its frag ile

    lol.happy turkey day.my rarest and most prized holiday decoration
  14. mobldj

    2020 christmas decorations

    fk it,put them up already.2020 sucks so trying to save the ass end of the year.lol
  15. mobldj

    so what now that trump loses

    now what will all the media ,the view,cnn,antifa,blm cocksuckers and leftist asshats have to bitch about.will the protest and riots stop.how will sleepy joe get anything done with a rep senate.shit show still dead ahead skipper !
  16. mobldj

    My new Man Cave Poster

    saw it on fb and figured it said it all.lol
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  18. mobldj

    Your First boat

    Heres my first boat.in 1989 i had my 16ft tahiti with a 4 banger and pulled it with my 89 camero.no freeboard at all so in todays world of wake boats she would be under water.lol
  19. mobldj

    looking for someone to enclose our patio

    cadisflys are fucking insane,you cant even sit outside.need custom enclosure of patio with screens.anyone have a person who does this shit.tia
  20. mobldj


    type in www.antifa.com and see what pops up.biden/harris header