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  1. renodaytona

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    Had an awesome time with @Tahoe540 at Sand Mountain NV for Easter weekend. Had a front hollow spindle pinch nut keep coming loose and ended the weekend with a punctured rear paddle. Dam fun weekend for our crew.
  2. renodaytona

    New to us 3505 Weekend Warrior

    Drove over the hill to Atwater CA on Friday night after work and picked up this 3505 Weekend Warrior. Huge cargo area to fit the Tatum. Made a quick trip out of it and got back to Reno at 2:30 am Saturday morning. Spent the weekend unpacking our old 5th wheel and organizing this one. Sand...
  3. renodaytona

    Coca-cola out as NHRA sponsor

    Coke (mellow yellow) is out and a lawsuit on top of it. http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-racing/news/breaking-news-coke-drops-nhra-sponsorship-series-files-lawsuit
  4. renodaytona

    Delta Trip Oct 1st - 4th Hookie Day

    @Tahoe540 and I are heading to the Delta the first weekend of Oct. Plan as of now is I'm taking my Daytona and he is bringing his toy hauler and we are camping at windmill cove. Hoping to meet up with @RogerThat99 for some liver damage drinking after the boat is put away of course. Looking to...
  5. renodaytona

    Lahontan Gathering 8/15

    Looks like @Tahoe540 and I are heading out next weekend and quite a few of the Battle Born Hot Boat Facebook group plan to be out as well. Anyone in the area should drop by on Saturday and have a cold beer! With the lake level dropping we will more than likely be at beach 9. I will update this...
  6. renodaytona

    Lahontan July 2020

    Annual camping trip with some awesome people. Here are some pics of the hardware that was out at our camp and some that stopped by for a beer. Was a great trip even though my wife broke her big toe on Thursday 😳.
  7. renodaytona

    Foot Throttle to Offshore Controls

    My Daytona is currently setup with a foot throttle and foot trim switches with a single standard offshore shifter (Gaffrig). I'm going to change it up to standard offshore controls with a shifter and throttle with the trim switch. Does anyone have a pic of the bottom of the Dana Marine billet...
  8. renodaytona

    Father’s Day at Lahontan

    Got the Daytona finished up yesterday and fired it up. Went to Lahontan today with @Tahoe540 and put some time on the new motor. Have a few minor issues to fix but dam it felt good to get it back on the water.
  9. renodaytona

    Reno Hot August Nights Cancelled

    Just announced today. HAN cancelled. https://hotaugustnights.net/covid-19-updates-resources/
  10. renodaytona

    Lahontan Reservior Pics

    Some peeps from the Battle Born Hot Boat group got together at Lahontan today. Here are some pics.
  11. renodaytona

    Big Cat Poker Run Cancelled

    Just read on Facebook that the Big Cat Poker Run has been cancelled (pushed to 2021).
  12. renodaytona

    Plumbing help Magnaflow Pump

    My Daytona has never had a sea strainer on it, usually boat in fairly clean water. I'm looking at installing 2 dedicated strainers, one for the super chiller, and one for the motor. I also plan on separating the current oil/PS cooler as it is fairly small and I want to get a larger oil only...
  13. renodaytona

    Rocker Switch

    Im looking for a C1560AA rocker switch. It’s operates On/On for the imco fuel valve (L-R). Eddie marine has all of the switches I need except this one.
  14. renodaytona

    Luke Combs & Morgan Wallen Sac

    Wife and I are headed to Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen at Golden 1 center in sac in 30 min. Any nor cal inmates going?
  15. renodaytona

    Lahontan Beach 5 meet up 9-29-19

    Several people (mostly v-drive guys) up in the northern Nevada area have planned an end of the year meet up at Lahontan Beach 5 Sunday Sept. 29. Looks like our normal crew is planning to be there. My family and I are debating making this our final camping trip of the year before the cold weather...
  16. renodaytona

    Saturday at Lahontan

    Spent the day at Lahontan with @Tahoe540 and some other friends. What a great day at the lake. Here are a few pics. I will be out there again this weekend camping for Laborday Thursday thru Monday.
  17. renodaytona

    Motor Build

    @Tahoe540 and I tore into the short block I bought for my 25 Daytona to go over everything yesterday. What I got in the short block purchase was a Bowtie Block, a Bryant Racing Crank and Oliver Max Rods (Diamond pistons will probably be replaced). I dropped the block off at the machine shop this...
  18. renodaytona

    Big Cat 2019 Pics from Windmill Cove

    Here are some pics I took at Windmill Cove of the Big Cat.
  19. renodaytona

    Lahontan weekend

    Hanging at Lake Lahontan this weekend with @Tahoe540.
  20. renodaytona

    Night In The Country 2019

    Wife and I attended the Night In The Country music festival over the weekend in Yerington NV. Luke Combs was hands down the best performer of the weekend he played Friday night. We had a blast and can't wait to go back next year. Next year is 3 days of music Thurs-Sat, with Cody Johnson being...