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    After Desert Storm

    How long does it take after desert storm for the majority of people to leave? Most head home on Sunday or does it drag through the week?
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    New Merc Outboard Coming.

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    Looks Sexy to Me.... New DCB Model

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    2006 Nordic Heat

    SOLD · Mercury Racing 525 EFI With Stage 3 Whipple (Approx 740HP) installed 2016. Teague water-pickup, Sea Strainer etc all installed at this time. · Teague refreshed the heads for us approx 52 hours ago. New valves, springs, rockers etc. Upgraded head gaskets to Cometic’s. Engine...
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    Hoover Dam Run

    So we have 3 or 4 boats that are headed to Havasu on April 3-8th. We have all wanted to do the dam run on Mohave for a few years now as none of us have done it. So here is my questions for you that have done it. It appears to me that the River is closed to boats on Sundays and Mondays? We...
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    Transport to DCB

    Anybody have any reputable contacts that would be able to transport my 32 form Havasu to El Cajon? Need to get it down there the last week of the this month. Thanks! Mac
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    Renegade Magic Box

    I purchased two of these from the deal posted on the forums last year. Can't get either of them to work. They just say BOOT on the front. Anybody know what's up with them? Thx, Mac
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    DCB F32

    Anyone know the owner of this boat or who actually is listing it? http://www.powerboatlistings.com/view/51286 Thanks!
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    DCB F32

    Can anyone point me to the direction of who is actually listing this boat for sale? http://www.rockstarboats.com/2008-f32-dcb...html Thank You, Mac
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    M31 in Utah

    Hello, Trying to track down an M31 that we hear is for sale in Utah. Have heard it is out in the Vernal area and has 700's. PM me please if anyone has the owners info. Thank You, Mac
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    Tubes in Havasu

    We are pulling in to Havasu shortly for the week. We forgot to throw the tube in for the kids to ride. Where is the best place in Havasu to buy one? Also I might want a new 30p bravo 4 blade prop, who is best to go to for that? Thanks!
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    Bimini work in Havasu

    Who is the go to shop for canvas work on a bimini? We are coming down to spend a week or so and my canvas is in great shape but I want to get a mesh strip or two cut into it while I am in town. Have not had great luck with canvas work up here in SLC. Just want to call and get something scheduled...
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    Havasu Rental

    Looking for something in Havasu for 5 or so nights this April. Hoping for a home or condo with a Dock? Is there many available? Will have two families staying with 4 people each, three of which are small children. Hopefully something a little bit nice with a budget of around say $400-$700 a...
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    Africa Hunting

    Not specifically talking about this board but in general of all the comments I have been seeing over the past few days there are lots of extremely clueless people that do not understand the benefits of "Trophy Hunting" and how it actually works. Especially when talking about Africa. To be fair...