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  1. napanutt

    Us festival 1983

    I’ve posted bits and pieces of this in the “what are you listening to now” thread. Who here was there?
  2. napanutt

    Carnival rides

    Saw this pic on FB and made me wonder: Am I the only one who didn’t realize until now that we entrusted minimum wage earning tweakers with our lives? One frayed cable or missed clevis pin and shit could’ve gone bad real fast. 😳
  3. napanutt

    Skateboard on a treadmill?

  4. napanutt

    Got the news today wifey was waiting for.

    Our only child and his new bride are expecting. They got married Feb 2, 2020, Super Bowl Sunday. We were wondering how long until. Well, just found out tonight. Wifey ecstatic. I’m I guess, shocked. Not in a bad way but grandkid shit is way new for me. 😳 Oh, and it’s not FB official yet so any...
  5. napanutt

    What’s this...

  6. napanutt

    Prophecy from the 80’s

  7. napanutt

    Local to me business

    They posted this today. Fitting to me for sure.
  8. napanutt

    Anyone want a taxi?

    With the holidays close upon us, I would like to share a personal experience about drinking and driving. As you know, some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time, often on the way home after a "social session" with family or friends. Well, two days ago, this...
  9. napanutt

    Unconventional Christmas classic movies

    I’ll start. Die hard for sure. Watching The Ref now.
  10. napanutt

    Just the tip of the ice berg

  11. napanutt

    The beginning of forced compliance?

  12. napanutt

    Fuck Biden...

  13. napanutt

    Those that do FB...

    How many have you snoozed lately? I’m up to I think 9.
  14. napanutt

    Can I put this here?

    This is how things are supposed to be. 😊
  15. napanutt

    Utterly ridiculous

    How about fuck you, get your education elsewhere? 😡 https://www.foxnews.com/us/muhlenberg-college-removes-thin-blue-line-coronavirus-masks-critics-call-offensive
  16. napanutt

    Hawaii Teslas

    @HNL2LHC This gal seems like she loves her car but not too many places to charge.
  17. napanutt

    Old Hot Rod magazine

    Anyone know much about them? This is supposedly from 1948. It’s in great condition too.
  18. napanutt

    Masking getting ridiculous

    So a fire crew was denied service at a Burger King in Winters,CA. Winters is like 10 miles east of Lake Berryessa. And a screen shot for non FB.
  19. napanutt

    McRaft up

    Where can a couple of boatless fuckers find a ride? OK I’m boatless, my host @was thatguy has a boat but not to conducive to rafting up. Where’s the sign up sheet? We can tie knots and we’ve got cash. And I’d like to think we’re pretty cool to hang out with.
  20. napanutt


    Anyone use it? I tried it for the first Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised. There was two items I couldn’t get from Costco online so I googled the product I wanted and Instacart came up. Ordered them and they were delivered within two hours. Today, wanted to try again from a different...