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  1. RichieRich

    Desert Storm Weekend and AMA Race Same Weekend

    Looks like the weekend of April 23-25th just got even busier. The AMA Big6 Race will be on the island next to Crazy Horse Campground. The drive home Sunday will be awesome :cool:
  2. RichieRich

    Code Blue Pools NEW BUILD

    I am posting this because of the run around I got from the big pool builders in the city. No return calls, missed appointments and no call/no show. So a friend of mine referred me to Gary at Code Blue Pools. Called him, got a quote after with meeting with him a few times to get my layout how I...
  3. RichieRich

    2019 KTM 65SX Race Bike

    I am selling my sons 2019 KTM 65SX that he used this last season for the AMA NGPC National Series. Bike is very fast with lots of aftermarket parts. Bike has 89.1 hours total, motor was completely rebuilt at 40 hours top and bottom and modified then, it has had multiple top ends done since...
  4. RichieRich

    Desert Bar

    you guys were a lot of help with helping me out on my first trip to the Bunker Bar a few weeks back so i thought I would ask this question. We have been to the Desert Bar last year but we took our truck. This year I would like to stage up and let my wife and daughter take the Rhino and my son...
  5. RichieRich

    Deviated Septum Surgery

    I thought I would take this to you guys since you know everything :cool: I am 44 and I have been sleeping horribly and get frequent sinus infections. My doc told me that I have a severe deviated septum and will need to get surgery to correct it. The surgeon told me yesterday that I will need...
  6. RichieRich

    Bunker Bar

    we are heading up to Havasu this weekend and want to head out to the Bunker Bar on Saturday afternoon. I have a couple of questions about this. 1. Are kids allowed? we have been to the desert bar and they are allowed there so I assume they are 2. We have an old school Yamaha Rhino with a AZ...
  7. RichieRich

    Road Trip to Idaho

    My 11 year old son races dirtbikes and the series we race got postponed due to Covid(surprise surprise) Anyway, they changed the next race from Hangtown here in Cali to Cache Valley MX in Preston Idaho. I am not going to tow my fifth wheel all the way so I will be renting a small van to carry...
  8. RichieRich

    2017 KTM 65SX

    My son is ready to step up to the 85cc class so one of his race bikes is up for sale. Bike is in awesome condition and ready to race. NOST A-Kit Suspension Bills Pipe and Silencer Moto Seat cover Newer bottom and top end done by RJR Motorsports (a premier engine builder) with stock wheels...
  9. RichieRich

    Interior Stains

    We picked up a boat recently and the interior looked perfect...once we got it to our house in Havasu, we used it for the weekend and everything was great. We do the normal wipe down with Hot Sauce followed up with some Babes Wax(love this stuff) and a little Vinyl Sauce and park it in the garage...
  10. RichieRich

    Boat Audio Question

    upgrading the head unit in the boat to the Fosgate with the transom remote...but also want to upgrade the 8 6x9s in the boat. Has anyone converted from a 6x9 to a 6.5 or 8"? And has anyone found a bolt in adapter for this? Thanks in advance. Rich
  11. RichieRich

    Boat Movies

    I've been around here a little while now and just discovered Pegged2(loved it) on Amazon TV last night...so after watching that, it recommended Speed Kills with John Travolta (kinda sucked)
  12. RichieRich

    Looking for a Commercial Security Video Integrator

    anyone on here an IP Video Integrator? looking for some referrals to some reliable companies
  13. RichieRich

    2015 Ford Fusion SE

  14. RichieRich

    What is everyone using for steps? AMP Still?

    I really hate the big chrome old man steps on my F350...I want to change them out with something cool. I had the AMP Research steps on my F250 and they were cool when they worked, but I had some problems with them. I am not opposed to them, but was just wondering what others are using. I am...
  15. RichieRich

    LHC Internet Options

    I had such great luck with the Homeowners Insurance thread, I thought I would at least ask the question here... Who does everyone use for internet in LHC? Looks like Sudden Link is a popular one. they want $60 per month for 100mps unlimited data which seems fair, but is the service crappy? Just...
  16. RichieRich

    AZ Homeowners Insurance

    Who do you guys recommend for home owners in Lake Havasu City? The quotes I have been getting are more than I pay for a house with a pool in CA Thanks Rich
  17. RichieRich


    We are listing our new to us 3bed 2 bath Central Havasu home for rent. It has all new carpet and paint and is very clean (my wife is very anal...not that kind). Great boat parking on the side of the house on a huge 20'x90' RV pad(fit at least 3 boats safely off of the street) This house is a...
  18. RichieRich

    New Years Rental WANTED

    We would like to rent a house for New Years weekend so we can come up an look at a couple of homes to purchase...but the usual houses we rent are all rented out by snowbirds. anyone have one to rent out for the three day weekend? Thank you