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  1. WYRD

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    Fastest way to annoy your Wife, Take a nap on the couch anytime the sun is up 🤔 I dont know what it is about a sleeping man that drives a woman crazy but it's true....you are now informed! that is all
  2. WYRD

    Water in valve cover but not in pan

    So one of my work Trucks has evidence of water in the valve cover when I open the fill cap. But nothing on the dipstick . Would a head gasket or cracked head do that?
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    So I found these critters living in my water meter box I don't really want to kill them so does anybody have a contact of a keeper that may want them?
  4. WYRD

    Hey waffles (not wheeler)..I know what you did last summer

    Went on a little journey... Came across the gateway.... And the gatekeeper...
  5. WYRD

    Texas issues stricter stay at home order

  6. WYRD


    Sold thanks Mike
  7. WYRD

    Dirtbike street takeovers?

    Anybody else noticed that dirt bikes street takeovers have been happening more and more frequently? I know for years they've been going on in big cities mainly urban areas but over the last couple of weeks there's been multiple in my area of San Bernardino. Just yesterday there was a couple...
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    Found one.
  9. WYRD

    Corporate tax strategist

    Anybody have any experience or recommendations with a good corporate tax strategist. Not looking for a CPA exactly just somebody that really knows proper tax strategy in the corporate world.
  10. WYRD

    RV sofaking

    Okay so I got such a quick answer on the awning thread might as well ask this one too. My 5er has a crappy loveseat sleeper couch. Looking to replace it with a more comfortable sleeping option for full size adult. Are there any real world experiences out there for who makes the best one 69 in...
  11. WYRD

    Need awning canvas replacement

    Looking to replace the awning canvas on my 5th wheel. Would rather have someone come to me to do it. Any recommendations for a mobile guy in the ie?
  12. WYRD

    Irvine food during lockdown?

    In Irvine for an appointment tonight just curious if anybody knows any good food places close by but I don't have to sit in a effing parking lot to enjoy
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  14. WYRD

    Investment Strategy

    I woke up this morning thinking about how to rebalance my portfolio and honestly am at a loss for safe calculated strategies moving forward. Interest rates are non existent Stocks are back in record high territory Real estate is too high to jump in now Bond rates are record lows Futures seem...
  15. WYRD

    Whattya miss?

    I miss the smell of the river once you pass the 95 on the 40. I used to roll all the windows down on the Friday night just to fill the cab with that smell. What do you remember from your childhood that you miss?
  16. WYRD

    Industrial property for sale or lease in I.E.?

    Anybody know of a decent sized industrial property for sale or lease with a good size yard and possibly a loading dock for trucking? I've got a business associate who needs something in this area for trucking transfers from the BNSF rail yard in San Bernardino so something within a 20-ish mile...
  17. WYRD

    Then the fight started..

    My Wife asked me tonight If she's the only one I've ever Loved. Of course I told her yes but I shouldn't have said the others were all nine's or ten's Then the fight started!
  18. WYRD

    Metal guys, what's it called?

    Looking for slotted metal similar to e-track but with slots cut along for adjustable dividers. Like the ones you would find in the top bins of utility work trucks. Online search is coming up with nothing anybody know what this is called?
  19. WYRD

    Auto body shop in the ie?

    Anyone here have a good lead on a decent shop in the ie?
  20. WYRD

    Flat Earther, Mike Hughes died in Barstow today