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  1. Havasu Surfer

    Make Him Go Away

    F’n POS is now endorsing rioting. Enough of this MF’r! https://apple.news/ALyWgPvJvTUiZSaldAx35lA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Havasu Surfer

    White Priveleged

    Allow me to predicate this is as not a personal call-out but having been quite/PC for awhile, please allow me the opportunity to vent big time for something that gets ripped out of proportion and chaps my hide. I refuse and cannot accept what has become a common cliche "White Privileged" phrase...
  3. Havasu Surfer

    2007 KX65

    Very clean and well maintained with recent service and documentation. 3 sets of plastic. 2nd owner. Ridden lightly, no racing/competition. Current registration and pink slip in hand. $1,450/0BO
  4. Havasu Surfer

    Rod Iron Fence

    (12) Sections appx 92" Length x 32" High (1) Section 126" Length x 51" High (1) Section 127" Length x 32 " High Located in central Havasu. Will advertise on Craig's list for $200.00. RDP member $100.00 for all sections
  5. Havasu Surfer

    First trip in our new boat

    Here is a snapshot of our Howard Maiden Voyage this weekend in LHC.
  6. Havasu Surfer

    Epoxy Garage Floor Recommendation

    Looking to get some insight from the RDP crowd that have had a positive experience and outcome having their garage floors epoxied in Havasu area. Our project is 39' x 15' RV garage. Would appreciate referrals on someone reliable and fairly priced. DIY recommendations also appreciated.