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  1. Tpltrbl303

    I finally joined

    New to me Laser LTV Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Cruise ships

    Can someone please tell me why Cruise ships aren’t forced to return to the Country/Port where they are registered? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Observations from the river, time to bit(h

    As I sit on my dock I realized several things 1. Jetskiers are related to the the Blue Angels and must fly in formation 5 wide blocking the river. 2. Wakesurfers are the best when they have never been to the ocean. 3. When floating in your boat always pick the narrowest part of the river. 4. The...
  4. Tpltrbl303

    Solar in the desert

    After 10 years in the solar industry in California my wife and I decided to move to the river house full time. I'm now working for Streamline Solar in Lake Havasu. I chose this company mainly because of their reputation, choice of manufacturers and mainly because they do not sub-contract the...
  5. Tpltrbl303

    Who broke the river

    What is this crap?
  6. Tpltrbl303

    Liberty CompJet

    1975 Liberty. Set-up for APBA CompJet racing Modified Berkeley w/ Ride-plate and cavitation plates. Aluminum rail rigging. Obnoxious built 454 30-over. Build sheet available $12,999
  7. Tpltrbl303

    Metal building guys

    I need to redo my garage in Parker, My wifes boat doesn't fit. Who's the go to person?
  8. Tpltrbl303

    Where am i

    I took this 15 minutes ago.
  9. Tpltrbl303

    Edelbrock 60459 heads

    New, installed but never run. Going in a different direction $1400 obo. Check prices on a new set, this is a great price. Also have Torker intake.
  10. Tpltrbl303

    Trying to count my friends

    If, when trying to get to work (or the river) I come across people blocking the freeway protesting whatever. I stop my F350, lock in the hubs, place it in 4 low and proceed to clear a path like Drano in the sink... Who will visit me in jail?
  11. Tpltrbl303

    93 Sanger dxII for sale

    I have a 93 Sanger tournament ski boat for sale. 350 merc direct drive, new rudder, prop & shaft. Bimini top, ski tower. Needs seats recovered and carpet. Boat runs great, usually kept indoors. $6500 (look up prices on these, this is a bargain) Pm me an I'll reply
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    Look what just floated by

    No people, no crash, just a rollbar boat floating down on its belly.
  13. Tpltrbl303

    Need help from the Sac Delta people...

    I have a Delta trip planned and I have not been there since I was 10. Our plan is to leave out of B and W marina and head to sacramento. I need suggestions on routes, we do plan on skiing most of the way.
  14. Tpltrbl303

    I got my birthday present

  15. Tpltrbl303

    Does anyone else have a boat addiction?

    As of current I have 5 boats, all run but 1 and that's going into full resto soon.
  16. Tpltrbl303

    Shockwave 22sc for sale

    Need to sell, have too many boats Me and the boat are in Parker this weekend
  17. Tpltrbl303

    Wish I was in Parker for the race...

    Dropped the motor in today...
  18. Tpltrbl303

    Triple Trouble and my 16 year old son

    So my son is going to restore my 1980 20 ft Schiada. I will post pics of his progress.. Day 1. Pulled boat out of barn...after 6 years.
  19. Tpltrbl303

    Parker ski races

    Who's going... I'll be standing here
  20. Tpltrbl303

    My boat is getting wet...

    Unfortunately I have so many projects one of my boats is living outside... Why does it upset me that it's getting wet? Isn't that what a boats supposed to be for.