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  1. jetur3

    Havasu State of Mined Spring Meet Up VIDEO!!

    Its funny reading all the complaints about the music. I have no speakers on my work monitors in my office so I didn't hear it yet. Lol.
  2. jetur3

    Canal blocked

    I think Tony Beets is in route with the dredge. All kidding aside, Tony is a pretty good problem solver.
  3. jetur3

    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    I know he did but I think the heavier cars should equal the playing field. Hopefully Larson doesn't lead ever lap that would be pretty boring.
  4. jetur3

    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    Should be a good race. A few cup guys have been racing at Bristol getting laps in for the cup race. Kyle Busch was really figuring it out. I think we will have the Kyle and Kyle show.
  5. jetur3

    Aaron Lewis Fans - New Song

    Badass song. Good for Aaron, for saying what so many of us are thinking. Thank you for sharing.
  6. jetur3

    New Car Advice

    We had the V-6 and it hauled ass. I would stay away from Ecoboost because the turbo seals start to seep around 120k mi.
  7. jetur3

    New Car Advice

    I would go explorer 100%. My wife had a 2011 and ran it for 9 yrs / 170k mi. We literally changed batteries and tires.
  8. jetur3

    Seven days to go

    Congrats on the retirement. It's always awesome to hear when someone gets it done.
  9. jetur3

    Boater Card for AZ

    I'm not a fan of any red tape but, I have seen some crazy near misses and accidents on Lake Pleasant and Havasu. I don't think its going to increase any skill level for people on this site, but it could weed out a bunch of day renters that cause accidents. IDK, I guess its just one more way to...
  10. jetur3

    Mattress advice, ready for a new one.

    Tuft and Needle. Buy the extra topper. Takes about two months to break in. I can sleep through the night again.
  11. jetur3

    For those bury a body buddies

    Try telling that to Game and Fish if you accidentally break one of their laws in the park. Lol
  12. jetur3

    A Jobs / Classified section?

    A quick tidbit about the minimum wage. No one at our company has ever made min wage, but everytime it goes up it kills my pocketbook. We do construction, so an entry level guy makes on average a couple dollars more an hour than min wage. Otherwise that same entry level guy goes and gets a job at...
  13. jetur3

    The Nautical

    Last time I stayed at the Nautical was "01" for spring break and we strategically got a room at ground level on the bridge side. I anchored the boat in about 5' of water, one off the front and one off the back. Worked out great at that time of year. I wouldn't try that during monsoon season.
  14. jetur3

    18+ lounge?

    G&A Please & Thank You.
  15. jetur3

    WTF is this bullshit RD?

    And you get to borrow the rdp flatbed.
  16. jetur3

    Things you haven't done

  17. jetur3

    The good old days - 2002 LA Boat Show

    Holy white rub rail. I forgot that was a the shit back then.
  18. jetur3

    Arizona move? Or ?

    Yes, if you have to drive to or from PHX during rush hour it's a shit show. Haven't experienced the drama but, I'm too busy working to talk to the neighbors. Lol. The main street deal is pretty fun but you are right event's and restaurants / bars have become more crowded over the years.
  19. jetur3

    Arizona move? Or ?

    Check out Verrado. www.verrado.com Homes from 400k-4mil. We have tons of people in this neighborhood that wanted out of Ca. I have lived in northern az and would rather be there but the job opportunities and schools are endless in and around phoenix. The nice thing about Verrado is you are 15...
  20. jetur3

    Iran strike in 3...2....

    Wish I had a crystal ball. The stock market is the same as going to Vegas, no guarantee's. But there are smart bets out there that can be put in play. Based off of history (Obama administration) I dont see a democratic White House wanting America energy independent. I think Biden will do his...