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  1. Nanu/Nanu

    should I be politically correct or not??

    If someone Is offended by this they obviously have not received a paycheck in a while or they pay no attention to their paycheck.
  2. Nanu/Nanu

    new way to treat mussels....

    I'm still not even sure what qualifies you for a decontamination. Never been told to do or have I seen where they do the deed. Hell I even took the $20 stupid Utah class and the say in the curriculum you won't be able to launch without showing proof of taking this class. When I got to the...
  3. Nanu/Nanu

    new way to treat mussels....

    If they really cared a smart person would have said all boats need to be decontaminated before launching. But it's easier to just ask people to drop their drive and pull their drain plugs
  4. Nanu/Nanu

    RPM Limitations of Outdrives w/ LS based Engine?

    if you pull the trigger on this it will be awesome! I would think the blown LSA/Bravo 1 setup is more than capable of 70. I think it's just a matter of tuning through the motor, drive, and prop. That Daytona from pci did awesome at one of the LOTO shootouts couple years back. Come to think of...
  5. Nanu/Nanu

    Public Health and Guns

    Why don't you give him the courtesy of answering his questions for you?
  6. Nanu/Nanu

    Making a Reggae and ReggisISH playlist....What songs you got?

    Authority Zero has some reggaeish sounds.
  7. Nanu/Nanu

    Need an electrician's expert opinion...

    Go for it! Open the breaker at the panel and wear dishwashing gloves or get a voltmeter to test your socket before starting work. May want to check amp rating of your GFI. Maybe get a bigger one. Your breaker maybe fine but the fridge is pulling to many amps on the GFI at some point in it's...
  8. Nanu/Nanu

    Bravo 1 impeller on hardin marine stainless housing question

    I keep one in the boat and will take an hour to change it over getting a tow.
  9. Nanu/Nanu

    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

  10. Nanu/Nanu

    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

    Is this the 2021 Vega?.... I'm confused 🤔
  11. Nanu/Nanu

    Possibly scammed through DM on RDP??? ((( Attention All Classified ad Posters, Please Read. )))

    With a stache like yours they probably had the assumption the parts were hot or you are a greasy used car salesman. Hahaha JK 🤣
  12. Nanu/Nanu

    My new river buddy.

    Hell yeah congrats! Best wishes for momma bears recovery and little guys health!!
  13. Nanu/Nanu

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    Heck saying "BECAUSE I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS! I DEMAND RESPECT!" would have worked
  14. Nanu/Nanu

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    He struggled to answer the question... I could give a million reasons why on the spot even if the weren't related... Like it's fun to scare fish, it makes me smile to see everyone's cheeks flapping on their face, to see if I can make my boat go faster up river than down, because there's...
  15. Nanu/Nanu

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    If you seriously have to ponder this c'mon. You should just go back to owning a run of the mill boat. Not trying to be a dick but I was always pushing the shit out of my crownline when I owned it. My cookie cutter boat wasn't gonna cut it. All dock crushers are cookie cutters too. If you have...
  16. Nanu/Nanu

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    Not just a like I give you a FUCK YEAH!!
  17. Nanu/Nanu

    Why do we drive performance boats?

    We have a eagle 250. We do everything behind our boat or at least try it except surfing. We despise dock crushers. But when we get tired of tow sports we put the kids down in the cuddy and go for a cruise. Even if we didn't do water sports, we would still have a performance boat. There's...
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    Looks awesome!! Tell your daughter the sign is funny too.
  19. Nanu/Nanu

    27 Speedster Interview with Veronica

    Does that make her old man Jake with State Farm?
  20. Nanu/Nanu


    Im 35 my girls a 5 and 3. When they say uh-oh I always shoot back with spaghetti-o's and they think it's hilarious but have not clue. Haha