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  1. Bite the Bullet

    Hondo Boats

    From CB&E Oct 1979
  2. Bite the Bullet

    Howard Custom Boats

    From CB&E Oct 1979
  3. Bite the Bullet

    Barron Boats...aka Hallett

    From Powerboat January 1978
  4. Bite the Bullet

    Side by side Comp Flats crash

    1982 at Irvine Lake... opening round of eliminations the third pair of Comp Flats crashed. Picture's a little dog eared, I know!!!
  5. Bite the Bullet

    Jim Ermshar gets wet

    Jim wasn't injured but was embarrassed when the kill switch didn't work and the boat idled in circles!!
  6. Bite the Bullet

    Cole Boats

    Cole Coats from CB&E March 1980
  7. Bite the Bullet

    First "capsule" ...Ron Braaksma in 1988

    Ron was THE pioneer in Top Fuel safety design! Imagine the courage it took!!
  8. Bite the Bullet

    Crash sequence

    Comp classes were normally aspirated up to 470 cubic inch engines.
  9. Bite the Bullet

    Eliminator Boats from 1982

    Whaler's were a nice deal back then...
  10. Bite the Bullet

    Crazy Horse for sale

    Perhaps the deal of the century!! 15K to go BFF Racing!!
  11. Bite the Bullet

    CB&E River/Havasu Regatta

    Did anyone here attend? From July 1982 edition of Custom Boat & Engine
  12. Bite the Bullet

    Biesemeyer Boats

    From the July 1982 edition of Custom Boat and Engine