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  1. nganga

    The Elands...

    I wrote this after a 20 year quest of hunting all the worlds Elands. I intended it to be published in Sports Afield. They rejected it. I figured I'd share it here. Long article but a 20 year goal takes some time. The Elands I began my African hunting in 1999. As for many, I hunted in...
  2. nganga

    Or this jewel.

  3. nganga

    Covid + Barry + China = ?

    Just gonna put this here as a prediction. We know the Virus came from Wuhan. We also know President Obama visited Wuhan. We also have a suspicion that it was released as a weapon. I will make this prediction. The Democrats (any variation of such) are in this up to their necks. Without this...
  4. nganga

    Nazi Germany revisited...

    @RodnJen @squeezer This is a cabinet level Democrat. You guys have some decisions to make. https://www.dailywire.com/news/robert-reich-calls-for-truth-and-reconciliation-commission-to-erase-trumps-lies-expose-enablers
  5. nganga

    "Americas standing in the world"

    Israel and Sudan normalizing relations. FUCK!!! There's peace breaking out all over. Now what? @squeezer @RodnJen
  6. nganga

    Danger Davisms.

    Danger Dave is the most creative poster in the P&G - Nganga.
  7. nganga

    We’re missing a huge part of this.

    Reading about Bidens transition team make-up. It’s replete with executives from big tech, mainly Twitter and Facebook. This is as disconcerting as is his overseas issues with Hunter. Big tech, has no country, owes no allegiance to America or Americans. They are all about the future of their...
  8. nganga

    USB help identification

    Does anyone know what this connection is called? I need a cable that has this on one side and a USB mini on the other.
  9. nganga

    Boat Parades...more

    Grads ask's "Why does Trump get boat parades" his thread was locked and I hope the miserable troll got banned again. To me; I see America, I see American pride, I see rugged individualism. I see people so fucking pissed off that the media, the Democrat party and useless fucks like him are...
  10. nganga

    Arizona probable new record Elk.

    What's your favorite Jimmy Johns sandwich? Mine is now number 9. (unit 9 bull) Green...471 inches The Hunter is JJ himself. He paid ~300K for the tag.
  11. nganga

    Kasich to speak at DNC convention.

    I got nuthin....
  12. nganga

    PSA, Yellowstone new season

    Not sure if it's a VIN, Series resumes Sunday night, the 21st.
  13. nganga

    RAAM, Any interest in a team?

    www.raceacrossamerica.org I know there's a handful of serious cyclist here. No real plan yet,, just curious if 2022 interest anyone.
  14. nganga

    500BBC ?

    Banned? Self imposed exile?
  15. nganga


    I'll just park this here. Let the excuses begin. Traitor. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/142705/report-obama-thwarted-israeli-plans-to-kill-soleimani-in-2015-by-leaking-plans-to-iran/?fbclid=IwAR24t42jNOu8EOfcrh7mB3WEQSGahNjhhSBfr5SkCLE3IK8nvmjwejZdAyc
  16. nganga

    Donovan's RIP

    https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/donovanslajollacloses/509-c647fdcf-753a-4a7a-8e0d-37ced7b4f1ac?fbclid=IwAR1H-I4aMe2h8887EDc8awy8KtLvY_zjHZr4kuB9ZSPk1YJHNDA0cjkO3TU @RodnJen @squeezer @Grandpa mac Nothing to see here, just move along to your target of destruction.
  17. nganga


    @Grandpa mac I believe I owe you some money. PM me your name and address and I'll send you a crisp new 100.00 bill. Or a money order :cool: You're off ignore until we settle this matter. You can now PM me.
  18. nganga

    Raptor, 2013 for sale, Pictures posted

    Hey Gang, I've ordered a new F250. Its suppose to be here mid to late January. The dealer has offered me a fair trade value, but figured I offer it up here, since its gonna be cheap. It has 208K miles. Never touched, engine (6.2), suspension, no modifications, never off road. I've done...
  19. nganga

    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    Been meaning to put this up for a while. Most know that building a Skater isn't a short process. Long periods of time go by with seemingly no progress, so updating a build thread would prove slow. There's been enough behind the build now, progress is moving well. The boat is supposed to be in...
  20. nganga


    I don't care who you are, this is funny.