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    Listen to Matt!!!

    He always nails it!
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    All EYES ON Ga...Will they Cheat?

    Cmon Georgia. This vote counts. Let’s hope they got smart!
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    Did you see this? WTF! I have no words.

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    Anyone see the stream of lights this am? @ 5:15. Sorry for the bad pics. It was moving slow enough for me to take these. A little eery!
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    He gets it!!!
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    Where’s mainstream media

    https://thescoop.us/trump-supporters-attacked-at-million-maga-march-in-washington-dc/ This will make your blood boil!
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    Trumps concession speech

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    Cove or Main Channel

    We are looking at property to retire at. Found the lake, but can’t decide Cove or Main Channel?? Don’t want to make a mistake. Thoughts?
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    WHO, a little late!

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    LOTO-Can’t wait to go back.

    Went for the first time. Hit all the hot spots. Can’t believe the boat how on the lake every day! We will go back.
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    OC gonna lead the Way?

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    Mothers Day

    With mother’s day around the corner. Any ideas since all retail is STILL closed?
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    Turn ALL media off?

    Can you do it? I’m going to try and ignore ALL media tomorrow. See what comes out of it.
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    1974 Ford Bronco

    FOR SALE 1974 Ford Bronco-Completed 4 years ago-House of Colour Custom paint, Beard Seats, Howe Power Steering, Hydro boost Disc Brakes in front Drums in rear, 5 1/2" Lift Done @ Wild horses, Warn premium hubs. 302 w cam, 3spd Auto trans, 4 Core Radiator Dana 20 transfer case. Contact Jeff...
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    2004 Polaris 50

    2004 Polaris 50. Great condition. $900
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    In the market

    Need roll-bar boat input. I'm in the market for one. What's the census on the different manufacturers? Tige, Nautique, Mastercraft, etc????
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    Roadrunner web cam?

    Is roadrunner cam up?
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    Eat the fish or Not???

    Going to Hawaii next week. Should we eat the fish or not???? People say the radiation has an affect on sea life in Hawaii.....Seriously?
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    Angels vs Boston Sat night

    Selling my Angels Vs Boston this Sat night. 3 rows behind Boston dugout. 4 seats with parking. $500 o.b.o