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  1. Ziggy

    No more petty drama on RDP

    Winter is over so it is time to quit being a bunch of Karens.😥👶 Spring alive, load up on positivity and post away.🤘
  2. Ziggy

    New keel guards

    So I'm gonna give these a try verses the glue on rubber type. Main benefit I'm expecting is they can be spot repaired compared to complete replacement and they are much less noticable. I do not expect them to protect any better and damage is a given in my opinion.
  3. Ziggy

    Couple of LOL's

  4. Ziggy

    Moonshiner Lance dead

    Only 30 yrs old☹ https://deadline.com/2021/03/lance-waldroup-dies-discoverys-moonshiners-reality-series-star-was-30-1234707106/
  5. Ziggy

    Suspension question

    I'm aware of Shock Therapy for respringing and revalving. I know there's another place that does similar work but can't remember the name. Can someone help me out with the name or other similar references? Thanks
  6. Ziggy

    Above & beyond customer service, Chris Griner

    Re: Full Throttle Toyz & Detail Specialties. I just have to say, Chris' dedication to customer satisfaction is top shelf. We recently purchased a Rzr from he and his biz partner Ryan. Totally dig it. After a couple rides I noticed some oil leaks from both front and rear diffs. When I asked him...
  7. Ziggy

    Candace Owens👍

    Awesome woman. Mods...if this belongs somewhere else go for it but I think the topic of FB censorship deserves the Lounge views.
  8. Ziggy

    Imagine that, fans in attendance at Phx Open

    Now that the PGA is out of Hawaii and California this week there are fans on the course. Thank you Arizona?🤔
  9. Ziggy

    A vessel related 'How to' question

    Best and simplest method to remove wickedly strong two sided adhesive from hull. Chemicals? Heat? Elbow grease? ? ?
  10. Ziggy

    Amber Light Bars

    It's obvious front facing lightbars are virtually useless if you're not leading the way, and even then they still wash out many details. My questions: has anyone tried the film vs buying a new "amber" light? And, would you go with amber or yellow? I've read reviews saying the amber is quite...
  11. Ziggy

    I want this fella to be my Amazon delivery man.

    I would gladly wait the extra time for my package.
  12. Ziggy

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Well done👏
  13. Ziggy

    Rzr drive belts

    OEM, Gates or ? Reading some rzr forums and like anything else, everybody has an ass. Some comments say oem failures leave tons of strands vs a gates failure leaving chunks....as well as clutch sheaves wear varies between them. What say our rdp experts? Lol
  14. Ziggy

    Happy Birthday 28E & MalibuKen

    @28Eliminator @MalibuKen Happy Birthday you two nuckfuts. 🥰
  15. Ziggy

    Red Skies at Night

    Red skies at night Red skies at night Red skies at night Red skies at night Should have taken warning, it's just People mourning Running, hiding, lost You can't find, find a place to go, so it's Red skies at night Red skies at night Should have taken warning, it's just People ignoring Running...
  16. Ziggy

    Vaccine info

    For those who are concerned I'd like to share a bit about what I learned from my smart brother tonight. You may recall me saying before, he's a dr of pharmacology and also functions as the liason/representative for his hospital group to California CV-19 task force reporting to our dingdong...
  17. Ziggy


    Amazon customer rep these days, eh?😆 Polite and got-er-done🙂
  18. Ziggy


    Been a patron of WW for several years, even made a point of going to the store while in Australia this past January. Anyhow, enjoy this 5 minutes😊
  19. Ziggy

    4 more days

    Then the sun will start working its way back our way😎😎
  20. Ziggy

    Creatures of Habit..what's yours?

    Humans tend to be very habitual. . I'm a breakfast fan and since being mostly Keto for about 3 years now it's my staple daily meal. 2/3 cup of egg whites(no cholesterol) , mushrums, onions, bacon bits and cheese omelet. Two strips of 🥓. . What is something you do every day in just the same manner?