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  1. jetboatperformance

    A radical Louis Farakan follower attacked the Capital

    Louis Farkan follower attacked the Capital today according to the news , Killed one LEO injured another
  2. jetboatperformance

    What are the odds ? (Mazda 9)

    The lease on the wifes 18 Mazda expires this next week , Daughter flew in from SD to buy out the vehicle , today Rhondas driving the 18 ( with 17000 miles) , Headed down to Coles CP Mazda to sign on the 2012 and the nav screen goes fubar ??? ;) fortunately its covered under 3/36 (till next...
  3. jetboatperformance

    For Tesla "hot rod sound"

    Soon available for E Harleys motor cycles , golf carts and Prius
  4. jetboatperformance

    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    Been going on for years occasionally "gotta pee" driven but its almost like its programmed in then I gotta be carefull not to turn on TV , is it just me ? we were taking benidril for a while as a sleep aid but it doesnt seem to work any more ... anybody ?
  5. jetboatperformance

    "It wasn't the wind "

    "It wasn't the wind "
  6. jetboatperformance

    Scissoring on the Grammy's OK , But "Grammy" letting The Kids watch cartoons not ?

    Man I must be getting Old ... didnt watch the Grammys but caught the "act of the night" of two women grinding it out ...
  7. jetboatperformance

    Strike back season 8 ?

    A Cinemax production with awesome action, guns and hot women , have binged season 1 thru 7 , eveything points to a 8th season but cant find it anywhere to buy ?
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    Now its Dr Suess @#$%&

    Oh The Places The Woke Will Go: Dr. Seuss Canceled For ‘Racial Undertones’ https://www.dailywire.com/news/oh-the-places-the-woke-will-go-dr-seuss-canceled-for-racial-undertones
  9. jetboatperformance

    JBP "XC" split bowl

    Jet Boat Performance is proud to announce the Re introduction of our "split bowl" converted Berkeley "C" bowl program, Now dubbed The "XC" , This reworked bowl features a preserved longer vane extension area (approx 3/4 in) thru our special machining and fabrication process , each bowl is...
  10. jetboatperformance

    GaGa dog walker

    So in the video does The dog walker sound like a "soprano" .... Oh my god , oh my god https://www.tmz.com/videos/2021-02-25-022521-lady-gaga-dog-walker-final-1046905/
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    Any Ebay sellers here? New system sucks balls

    Now they take thier cut and all fees UP front you wait days for your payout :mad: https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk038pYcz2wcNkb5OzslwrOnfS0p4AQ%3A1614292188947&source=hp&ei=3CQ4YL3GN6yPwbkP8Y2zCA&iflsig=AINFCbYAAAAAYDgy7FDRajoB8sKx5L6x5ADRjSOimy9O&q=new+ebay+payment+system+su
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    Creapy internet sh*t

    The wife and I were chatting while making dinner , We have a Ninja toaster over we love but it doesn't make toast well , I remembered we had an un used 2 slice toaster in the garage and decided to trot it out , end of story right ? ....................... Next day we get "pop ups" for Toaster...
  13. jetboatperformance

    Common over here, have a Cigar your gonna go far

    Andrew Como is a f*ckin Douche bag extraordinaire ;)
  14. jetboatperformance

    Pellet stoves ? anyone do's and donts

    We had a fireplace (freestanding) for years , giving thought to a pellet stove , anyone here with some insight ?
  15. jetboatperformance

    Did you touch the dog food ?

    Having raised Kids and Helped with Grand kids .... https://pin.it/6aRy9aL
  16. jetboatperformance

    Power drunk B@*tch

  17. jetboatperformance

    Nothing quite like a good bone in the morning

    This is a daily ritual, after Sebastian eats His stew (instapot carrots, green beans, yams and chicken or liver) He waits for His beef rib bone (bone shards removed) Rhonda gives it to him and sets the timer for 6 minutes, He goes out side and when the timer rings He brings back the stripped off...
  18. jetboatperformance

    Predators (animal)

    Those who know our area likely know its semi rural , very little concrete and lots of rolling hills, underdeveloped compared to bigger Ca cities... as a result we (man has encroached on nature) , of late the buzz on my local "neighbor hood watch" forum is about missing pets , livestock etc...
  19. jetboatperformance

    Dinosaur a hole discovery near chinese buffet ?

    https://www.cnet.com/news/paleontologists-finally-have-their-first-good-look-at-a-dinosaur-butthole/ Paleontologists finally have their first good look at a dinosaur's butt