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  1. Mandelon

    Covid vaccine personal info

    Sorry for so many posts in here. Two days in from the shot. Injection site still pretty sore. Yesterday afternoon and last night the achy symptoms persist. Taking Tylenol. Couldn't sleep, every position hurts. Neck and back hurting still this morning. It is just like having Covid but...
  2. Mandelon

    When did you realize you were officially old? My time was yesterday.

    We were hanging in the channel years ago. By that point I was already old, but one of the guys in our crew was just early 30's. We had a nice bar set up. A young lady came over to chat... She says to my friend: "Excuse me, Sir? May we have some of your vodka?" LOL, he was all like, "hey...
  3. Mandelon

    Another garage floor.........

    Seal the grout every couple years.
  4. Mandelon

    Let's see you're lawn art

  5. Mandelon

    Texting is dangerous

    When I was a kid I had a paper route. I tossed one a little askew and was watching to see if the landing zone was acceptable... ran into the back of a parked car. Similar result. LOL No face implant, but I did spill a bunch of newspapers.
  6. Mandelon

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    15 Minutes ago... I was on the couch. Started to nod off a little. and BAM! "Are you falling asleep!?" Uh, yeah... thanks for not letting that happen... I reminded her that when she falls asleep on the couch I turn down the TV and dim the lights....
  7. Mandelon

    Trying to blow up PDF drawings

    Did you try holding down the Control key and punching the + key? That zooms the screen in...
  8. Mandelon

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    A dozen people on a rental pontoon? It will take 9 am to 4 pm just to get that far up river! LOL
  9. Mandelon

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    $50 an hour? I bid $75 an hour.
  10. Mandelon

    Making a Reggae and ReggisISH playlist....What songs you got?

    I like to toss in some Santana too. Not reggae, but same vibe.
  11. Mandelon

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    Me: Intently watching a TV show. Her: Talks about something from the NextDoor App. Me: Presses pause on the remote. Her: Gives me that look. Me: Baby, I want to be able to hear what you say without being distracted by the TV. ( note, this is the correct way to do this) Her: Tells...
  12. Mandelon

    Covid vaccine personal info

    So it's been a day. Shoulder sore. Now starting to feel a bit achy. Neck and back pain. This was the worst symptom when I had the actual Vid. It could be unrelated. Hard to tell. *See Old Guy thread. LOL. Wife's symptoms were predicted correctly.
  13. Mandelon

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    I try just not to ask for help... but when needed I try to be specific up front as to what I need. Being sick or feeling crappy is not allowed. If I try to spend a sick day in bed, suddenly the room needs vacuuming. LOL Napping on the couch? LOL, that is immediately met with. "ARE YOU...
  14. Mandelon

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    I feel at home here. LOL
  15. Mandelon

    CA. Governor getting even better

    Sure he's a freak, but at least he is a conservative freak. LOL
  16. Mandelon

    Say What? Guess you can't be at fault if you are famous

    It happened early in the morning, alcohol is not a likely cause. Maybe he was texting, came up on the curve and tried to brake but hit the gas instead. Distracted driving, unfamiliar vehicle. We know he is an incredible golfer, but historically his decisions have note been the best.
  17. Mandelon

    Covid vaccine personal info

    10 hours in, shoulder is more sore. Wife just hers this afternoon. I'm sure her side effects will include legs clamping shut and falling asleep early.
  18. Mandelon

    What tool to use cut opening for Bow Light?

    Round hole? I vote holesaw. Go slow so it doesn't heat up.
  19. Mandelon

    Hot Water - filmed in LHC, available now on streaming channels

    Why didn't they call you in for this Steve?
  20. Mandelon

    Covid vaccine personal info

    5 hours in, arm is bit sore at the injection site. Stomach is a bit rumbly but I think it was those Korean short ribs and the Boba Bubble Tea from Tapioca Express rather than the shot... LOL