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  1. Hallett Dave

    Lakes to visit...

    Maybe plan a trip to the Delta. 😉
  2. Hallett Dave

    35mm SLR

    Thank you for the info. I am going to start using my Canon A1 again. I have had it since 1976 when I was in the Air Force. It has been a great Camera over the years and pretty much straight forward as far as taking photos. I had some great photos of Indy in 1980, numerous air shows, AC Shelby...
  3. Hallett Dave

    Advice needed - Mineral deposits on stainless boat parts

    You could also try FLITZ. It is a metal polish and also has anti-corrosion properties. I use it on all of my rifle barrels as well as wooden stocks. It is also safe for plastic. I also use it on my polished aluminum valve covers and air filter on the Hallett. I hope this helps. :)
  4. Hallett Dave


    Not far at all. In fact my 77 Hallett mini cruiser "Root Beer Float" never went away. :cool: :p
  5. Hallett Dave

    " It is not a vaccine"

    In 1965 I had a bad case of the Flu brought to us at Edwards AFB from family friends visiting from Texas. I was miserable but young enough, 15 yo. to get over it fairly soon. It was mandatory every year in the AF to get the latest flu vaccination. Thankfully I had no side effects. I have had a...
  6. Hallett Dave

    Interesting video..

    Grads said "What? I'm a broke dick with no job.🤷‍♂️" Well Greg you actually are a broke dick. What have you ever done to protect and defend our constitution and our country. You are an attention whore and antagonist.
  7. Hallett Dave

    Living in Ca. makes owning an AR-15 a pain in the ass.

    Good choice on the Mini 14. Not as scary looking as the ARs and probably just as accurate as the ARs. My Mini 14 shoots 22.3 as well as 5.56 LAP with never a jam. It is dead accurate. I have never used grease nor oil on my guns. Nothing but Molybdenum disulfide. YMMV Cheers.
  8. Hallett Dave

    School Me On Oatman

    Do not feed the burrows carrots, buy some hay cubes and feed them. I have been to Oatman a few times and it reminds me of Calico back in the late sixties. Still a fun get away. Virginia City is fun as well. The best ghost town experience is Bodie, south of Bridge Port off Hwy 395. All...
  9. Hallett Dave

    I guess I've done something right for the last 17 years

    Hang in there Pat. Have a merry Christmas.
  10. Hallett Dave

    Chuck Yeager has died at 97 more to follow

    Well, I know the daughters from back in High School, Sharon and Susan. Chuck, their father got remarried and left all of the the Chuck Yeager legacy to his new wife's children. I was attending an Experimental Test Pilot function and happened to be seated with retired pilots Col Joe Cotton and...
  11. Hallett Dave

    Chuck Yeager has died at 97 more to follow

    Edwards AFB did not allow Chuck to fly the aircraft solo for that commemorative flight. I grew up at Edwards (1959 to 1968) I knew the family as well as other famous Test Pilots quite well. After my AF commitment I worked at Edwards for 29 years as a Mission Controller and Airspace Manager...
  12. Hallett Dave

    It's pumpkin spice season!

    Hello Ron. I hope you and Fonda are doing good. Enjoy the Holidays and be safe.
  13. Hallett Dave

    Mark Kelly's not so secret agenda

    Mark Kelly was in the Navy and flew the EA-6. It doesn't really matter at this point, he swore an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. I swore the same oath when I was in the AF and two different times with the DoD/DAF. I retired from DoD/DAF in 2017 and...
  14. Hallett Dave

    Anyone missing a truck

    PPWs may be involved some how. Damn I'm glad I am out of the Antelope Valley.
  15. Hallett Dave

    Got me a new toy

    How much clear coat do you think you took off in this process. Just wondering.
  16. Hallett Dave

    A beutiful voice, this is a must see!

    No thanks I will go with the original.
  17. Hallett Dave

    Adventures of the Jet Botë

    Straub cam with Morrel HYD Roller Lifters. Foxwell assembled all the good forged parts. I had the pan off last month to replace a broken spring in the oil pump. The bottom end from what we could see was pristine. Not bad for a 12 year old engine that still spins a detailed Starkweather pump...
  18. Hallett Dave

    Adventures of the Jet Botë

    I have bean thinking about your situation. I'm not quite sure if the droop is the way to go. I have a straight snoot from HTP and it works great on my Hallett Mini Cruiser. I would get in touch with Dwayne at HTP and get his opinion. I don't know much about the strakes nor the chines on your...
  19. Hallett Dave

    Adventures of the Jet Botë

    First of all why the hell would you let Tom touch your pump? Second why would you use a bronze mag impeller? Why not a stainless inducer and a detailed stainless impeller set up? If I were you I would seriously rethink this build. YMMV
  20. Hallett Dave

    Challenger: The Final Flight

    I was at work at Edwards AFB. I remember watching on the NASA Dryden feed to Ridley Mission Control at Edwards wondering if the mission would be a once around orbit and recovery at Edwards. During those days I did all the RADAR vectors for the NASA T-38 to safety chase the Shuttle to landing at...