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  1. floatn turd

    [WTS] Nikon 1.5 - 6x42 Monarch Gold UCC Scope

    Hi, I have this Nikon scope for sale. It's in great shape with a clear FOV. It is however, missing a screw on "beauty ring" on the rear. Does not effect the scope and I honestly have zero clue what purpose it even serves. Let me know it you have any questions. Pick up in Chino or o will ship...
  2. floatn turd

    [SOLD] Cabelas Kamloops Float Tube

  3. floatn turd

    Good Netflix Movie

    Cool, hope you like it man.
  4. floatn turd

    Good Netflix Movie

    I watched me a good movie on Nexfix. Good, sad and full of some bad ass Americans. It's based on actual events. And "Turd approved" 👍👍 Give it look.
  5. floatn turd

    Neat Trick!

    For the love of god....... Someone teach me this trick! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CMxIjtbI2OB/?igshid=1a4tne2zeeqfm
  6. floatn turd

    Smog for diesel around upland

    This subject straight infuriates me! It truly tests my limits every 2 years.
  7. floatn turd

    Havasu Spring Meet Up

    I would like to think....... that I would not have trimmed up my jet and gave the boat on the end a few water extra spots to clean off his deck later. But I probably would have!! 😉
  8. floatn turd

    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    My worthless 2 cents. Kids today are different than we were... long ago.😑 Change happens, and sometimes (most times) not for the better. • The trash left behind during those past "tube floats". • That crap happening in Florida right now. • Fights and property damage. ETC. They are kind of...
  9. floatn turd

    Havasu Spring Meet Up

    Lotta money and nice boats in that video. 👍 But Why the hell did those buffoons create a "bottle neck" in the channel by tying so many boats off the dock?? Would kinda piss me off, if I had to weasel around other boats while going thru there.
  10. floatn turd

    Bachelor Party

    Any open spots? A weekend of "fuckery" sounds good after a year of closed bars.
  11. floatn turd

    Illegals claiming asylum now being released without any paperwork or court date

    I think they have already Destroyed it. All the crap they do now is just to make sure it can't come back! For the life of me, I can't understand their endgame!
  12. floatn turd

    The Boys

    Great show! I wish the superman movies showed that business!😉
  13. floatn turd

    Apparently stealing catalytic converters wasn’t enough.

    Perhaps a stupid question: But Would spray painting the Cat some bright ass color. (With the right paint) Or Engraving the license plate number on it, help to deter a theft in anyones opinion? FT
  14. floatn turd

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Yup. I'm in the dirty CA.
  15. floatn turd

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    It takes 2 x Co2 canisters at a time and that's good for 6 or 7 magazines worth of shoot'n. Mine is called the Cosman R1. But If you like the classic look, go for the Umarex Legends M1A1. I almost bought that one but I went with the R1 because it was cheaper with the Promo code.