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  1. Hallett Dave

    The Moon

    Anyone watching the Moon this evening?
  2. Hallett Dave

    Family vacation time.

    Any RDPrs planning a family vacation to CHAZ istan, the new nation in Seattle Washington? ;) LMAO
  3. Hallett Dave

    Memorial fund for Danny Singleton

    Dear fellow boaters! Hallett Dave and Erika initiated a go fund me page for Danny. If you feel like contributing we would appreciate it as well as his widow and family. Thanks in advance, HD...
  4. Hallett Dave

    Soft lined boat cover non towing

    Who can recommend some one close to me. Mohave Valley. Thanks
  5. Hallett Dave


    Does anyone from the Northern Cal area know of this Indian history? I don't know what compelled me to post this. Maybe I am just proud of my Comanche heritage and Jewish heritage. Why does one presidential candidate, one in particular, feel she is privileged? I am proud of my heritage, however...
  6. Hallett Dave


    Has anyone been watching this? James Holzhauer is approaching 2 million dollars. He is a professional sports gambler in Las Vegas. This guy is amazing. I hope he beats Ken Jennings for the all time money winner on Jeopardy! We shall see tonight. :)
  7. Hallett Dave

    Hard for me to believe

    I check my email this morning and there is an email from Hot Boat Forum wishing me Happy Birthday today. I did not think they still had my info. It is also hard for me to believe I made it to 69 years of age. :eek: Oh well, Party on Garth!!! :D
  8. Hallett Dave

    Synthetic Turf

    Any inmates have any experience with using it? Pros/Cons We live in Mohave Valley AZ. Thank you. HD
  9. Hallett Dave


    Going to meet some friends at Harrah's Laughlin for Peter Frampton concert tonight. It has been a while. As a guitarist I always put him right up there as one of the best. I hope he delivers.
  10. Hallett Dave

    Good night and sweet dreams

    If any one is going back home..... Have a safe trip.
  11. Hallett Dave

    Henrey Arms lever action rifle?

    I just bought a new Henry Big Boy lever action rifle chambered for 357 Mag/38 SPL. I will be removing all the factory lube from the receiver, trigger and feed tube and using Military grade Molybdenum disulfide on every metal to metal moving part. Something I have done with every fire arm I have...
  12. Hallett Dave

    I cant rember, who is the inmate that had the major leage baseball contract?

    I would love to talk to you.
  13. Hallett Dave

    Free to an inmate

    Since these items are free I hope this is not considered SPAM I have a never been installed pair of KYB 565104 and KYB KG5785 shocks. I will not ship nor will I deliver. I am in Lancaster preparing my house to put on the market for sale. If someone needs these shock absorbers you are welcome...
  14. Hallett Dave

    Well Hell

    Thanks AZ MVD. I just got back from my mail box and what did I see, a new AZ Driver License with a picture of me.:D Now all I have to do is sell two homes in CA that we own free and clear and pay off the mortgage on the AZ home. Adios CA.:)
  15. Hallett Dave

    What a great day at river house

    It was 91 today and now 86. I have been going outside and have been enjoying hearing the boats running hard near the Needles bridge. I can't see them from my house but I can damn well hear them. :) The water must be up.
  16. Hallett Dave

    I have a dilema

    My garage and house hold contents are being delivered to my house in Mohave Valley AZ on Wed. the fourteenth. I left the keys to my older Craftsman tool chest in Kaliphornia. Dose anyone know how difficult or have any suggestions on how to pick the lock without destroying the lock? I have some...
  17. Hallett Dave

    Vehicle Transport

    Well, my 1967 GTO made it to Hallett Dave Headquarters unscathed. Big shout out to Tim @ Moto Shippers and thanks again Richey Rich for the hook up. :) HD
  18. Hallett Dave

    Watching Olympic hockey

    These players are intense! Hell, I played 4 years of college football and 15 years of Rugby. My hat is off for these athletes. I never played hockey and I am thankful I never did. I can still walk without a limp. :)
  19. Hallett Dave

    State of the union

    Fuck Joe Kennedy the third and fuck Pelosi. I thought the State of the Union speech tonight was dead on. I'm done.
  20. Hallett Dave

    Happy Halloween Inmates

    Happy Halloween all you Witches & Warlocks. :D Keep your children safe tonight. HD