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  1. NicPaus


    Costco or Sams is best bang for thebuck. I have 5 tubes we rotate. Was at Sam's yesterday's. Not in stock yet they are seasonal. I will check Costco tomorrow. For that age a 3 or 4 person that is stable to get them comfortable.
  2. NicPaus

    27 Speedster

    Friend had 1 with a open bow. I think the only issue was it was not enough power so he sold it and went with twins on the next boat. It was a very nice boat. Just heavy.
  3. NicPaus

    Lost a couple of friends/classmates

    In the last few years I have lost 8 if I recall and all several years younger. Seems like every few months. Another was less than 2 weeks ago. Got my first German shepherd 22 years ago from his Mom who passed in October.
  4. NicPaus

    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    Havahart trap and relocation. My last 2 Shepherds use to take care of them. One neighbor had about a dozen by the time I moved from there 2 left.
  5. NicPaus

    I need help, poo eater

    Now you know why they dropped her off at the shelter. Good luck. :)
  6. NicPaus

    Shit going down in Huntington Beach

    Read the blm piles were trying to have a rally few hours before the locals rally. Imagine all hell broke loose.
  7. NicPaus

    Damn increases.......

    I have built a few ICF houses. Don't think you would save much on a Casita. It would be great for the R value if in Havasu. Steel and concrete have gone way up as well. I am doing a 45' retaining wall and it's up a $100 a linear foot compared to 3 years ago.
  8. NicPaus

    Damn increases.......

    It was $93 for 1 1/8" tg plywood. Unless it's the home depot in Hawaii.
  9. NicPaus

    Dealership Callout

    DCH Toyota tried the same BS. Window etching, theft tracker, clear bra door protection. 6k in total. Salesman would not remove but the Finance guy did and got 2.9 down from 6.9 they tried. BULLSHIT games. I hope it was a new half ton for 38k. I paid 37and change for my last one.
  10. NicPaus

    Covid vaccine personal info

    If he still is looking I can ask. My GF brother recently got his second. Said took less than 2 minutes from arrival to on his way home. I forgot to post back on other thread. My Uncle property in Berry creek survived the fire. It stopped at his barn. Hope you are getting properly...
  11. NicPaus

    Covid vaccine personal info

    Was he able to get it? PVE is my old stomping grounds. Lots of places around here to get it. No lines from what I hear at a few.
  12. NicPaus

    Anyone hear of an accident near Topock?

    I thought it went by ski having AZ registration.
  13. NicPaus

    Switch to Rev4 from B1 prop?

    I would try a non altered 24 B1. I have both props and in my Cobra 26. The 23 takes more to spin it is more like a 25 B1. I tried a 25 rev and couldn't get the rpms up high enough. I can spin a labbed 26 b1 to rev limiter for comparison.
  14. NicPaus

    Outdoor kitchen

    This place on State college has a nice display of options. They also have a lot of appliances. Or Pacific Sales. Good ones are pricey.
  15. NicPaus


    Housing market finally surpassed 2005 in my hood. My first house I built from ground up sold a week ago for $825K. Sold it in 05 for 770k. In 09 it sold for $433k. See how it looks in 4 years. Check it out on zillow. 1417 w 220th st Torrance. I went partners on it and lived there for 2 years...
  16. NicPaus

    Best Cordless Sawzall - What should I buy, and where?

    I forgot about the porter cable. And Hilti has top notch tools for sure. I have probably 30 of the 20V Dewalt Batteries and they have good specials so majority of my cordless tools are Dewalt.
  17. NicPaus

    Best Cordless Sawzall - What should I buy, and where?

    Big and smaller. Have numerous of each. Corded Milwaukee is the best. Or if you need a really big one Milwaukee makes a monster cordless one. I buy them on special when $99 each.
  18. NicPaus


    I read the other thread and I swear the next week I had gophers in my front yard. First time in 8 years. At a job now where I did a bunch of work 2 years ago. Now gophers have destroyed his yard. The 93 year old neighbor said first time in 60 years she has had gophers. I mentioned the gopher...
  19. NicPaus


    BIL is going through this now. His new truck a old lady hit him with 1500 miles on it. Insurance does not want to total it. I told him once it's repaired which they said 3 months from now. Trade it in and sue her for the difference of what he paid. Body shop wants to total it cause of firewall...
  20. NicPaus

    Snowbird Exodus

    Rent goes from $400 to $1740 a month on April 1st for a campsite in our park. Migration starts a week before usually.