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  1. was thatguy

    Paging “CMD”

    Please pm me again. Can’t find your last message, don’t know if you deleted it?
  2. was thatguy

    Raine Wilson/ Mom

    Gotta say, I really like the new plot twists with Raine Wilson as Bonnies (Allison Janney) therapist. Janney is an Oscar winner, has like 14 combined Emmys and golden globe awards, half a dozen SAG awards as well as multiple Tony noms on broadway. She is a heavy hitter big time, so is Bill...
  3. was thatguy

    Benny on the block

    Anyone else subscribe? I saw his SF Pelosi vid in the lounge and have been surfing his other vids. This one is spot on. DC
  4. was thatguy

    Hey space geeks, is this right?

    Messing around with different stuff pertaining to constellations and I have a simple question. I’ve figured a light year to be 6 trillion, 110 billion, 100 million miles, using simple extrapolation of the astronomical unit of 93 million miles= 8 minutes. Is this close? I realize this...
  5. was thatguy

    Plate gate

    Some of you might have seen the ADN headline I posted a couple days ago about the license plates in Anchorage? A Karen called in and complained about 2 plates he saw while driving around Anchorage. “3 Reich” and “Fuhrer”. The DMV canceled both plates and it’s a big deal now on how they got...
  6. was thatguy

    Android streaming to TV?

    So I have all apple and stream from my phone to my TV with airplay or whatever using my Apple box if I want. My buddy has some android phone and is trying to stream from his phone to his TV in his RV. He has a Roku box and a Walmart tv, Emerson or something? Anyway, he’s buying cords and shit...
  7. was thatguy

    My wing recipe

    Ok, here it is. Cut wing sections and throw away tips. Don’t use frozen bag of wings. They suck and are all fat. Brine wings for about 5 hours in a simple salt water brine. If you live in Havasu use bottled water! Rinse and pay wings dry with Paper towels then arrange on tray or whatever...
  8. was thatguy

    Chicago...the numbers are in.

    So close!!! 792 Homicides for the year! Despite a very strong December with 52 shot and killed (57 total homicides) the Boyz came up 16 bodies short of 2016’s banner total of 808 dead. 2021 promises to be a record breaker though if Biden/ Harris/ Clinton/ Pelosi/ Obama/ AOC gets sworn in...
  9. was thatguy

    Prepare to be jealous, Traeger turkey

  10. was thatguy

    A little kink for the Pedo lovers here.

    Here’s todays bonus clip for the Pedophile supporting left wing sickos. Enjoy! I know how much you love this shit. “doing it to others daughters”
  11. was thatguy

    2007 duramax value?

    So my good friend is selling his one owner 2007 2500 Duramax. It’s a crew cab “classic” according to him. (I don’t know anything about duramax) It has 239K on it. I’ve known the truck since the day he bought it brand new. No major repairs, he leveled it when he bought it, and it’s never been...
  12. was thatguy

    The world is pussified.

    WWI we destroyed cities, countries, entire societies, global economies, you name it. To do that we (mankind) killed over 20 million people on purpose. Wholesale slaughter and monarchial lunacy for 5 plus years involving every race, color, language etc. WWII much the same, and really a bleed...
  13. was thatguy

    A perfect example.

    As some of you know I’ve posted a few times about the “panic” going on in Anchorage according to the Anch Daily News. I get alerts on my phone. Here is a perfect example of what is driving this rhetoric. It’s sad because just like any real problem, addressing it becomes a divisive issue with...
  14. was thatguy

    Jason Whitlock

    Anyone else just see him on Tucker? Holy shit that dude is WAY SMART. Scary smart.
  15. was thatguy

    Ruh Roh!!

    Paging all libiots. Young Hunter is now the subject of an FBI investigation. This is the part where they sacrifice the lamb for the cult.
  16. was thatguy

    Ballot/ AZ judges.

    So I’m afraid I’m not all knowed up on these AZ Judges on the ballot for retention. In the past I’d just fire them all (AK and CA). Im not asking how to vote specifically, just opinions on these 5 jokers. Brutinel Gould Lopez Campbell Cruz
  17. was thatguy

    Upriver questions.

    So I went up the river yesterday for the first time. No problem in my little boat. So is that the “sandbar” up around the big right hand turn? I turned around there. Also, and more importantly, did I blow through a speed limit zone without knowing it? I keep hearing about speed restrictions in...
  18. was thatguy

    Tinnitus...it sucks.

    Anyone else deal with this?
  19. was thatguy

    Alexis on fire in Dallas.

    Wow! Last race she blew the car apart with a boomer. Today she wins rd 1 but kicks a rod at the line and catches on fire...like for real. Haven’t seen a fire like this in a long time. She got the hatch open and rode the roof until it stopped. The smoke was incredible. Finally she literally...