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  1. floatn turd

    [WTS] Nikon 1.5 - 6x42 Monarch Gold UCC Scope

    Hi, I have this Nikon scope for sale. It's in great shape with a clear FOV. It is however, missing a screw on "beauty ring" on the rear. Does not effect the scope and I honestly have zero clue what purpose it even serves. Let me know it you have any questions. Pick up in Chino or o will ship...
  2. floatn turd

    [SOLD] Cabelas Kamloops Float Tube

  3. floatn turd

    Good Netflix Movie

    I watched me a good movie on Nexfix. Good, sad and full of some bad ass Americans. It's based on actual events. And "Turd approved" 👍👍 Give it look.
  4. floatn turd

    Neat Trick!

    For the love of god....... Someone teach me this trick! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CMxIjtbI2OB/?igshid=1a4tne2zeeqfm
  5. floatn turd

    Cute lil guy.

    Don't know why, but I laugh everytime.
  6. floatn turd

    Good ol Bubbles from TPB

    Who else use to watch this show? I laugh everytime I run across an old episode playing.
  7. floatn turd

    A Jobs / Classified section?

    What's your opinion on asking Dave for a Jobs / Classified section? (Or do we have one and I missed it?) We have a lot of eyes n ears here on RDP and in many of different states as well. Members may be able to offer insight or even a "heads up" on a newly listed job opening. I'm currently...
  8. floatn turd

    Mad skills!!

    I don't know if this link will work for everyone. But look at this jack ass...........and his new found love for fingerless gloves.
  9. floatn turd

    Side by side Suspension Question.

    Please schoo me on: Fox X2 2.0 SE. On a Yamaha 1000 SS --VS-- The Fox Dynamix Active Suspension. On a Rzr turbo S. Talking Suspension only; Big difference, no difference, worlds apart, etc? Please advise. Thank you
  10. floatn turd

    A cool little doohickey from Milwaukee

    So, I bought this pump last year to help out with my leaky ass boat, while it sits in the channel. (worked great by the way) And I bought this big ass battery to power it. Then, I saw this little inverter thing and bought that a well. Figured i'd use it to charge the phone or laptop while...
  11. floatn turd

    Recycled Covid Mask Fabrication

    She called me a "boob" for no reason. Then tossed some old bras in trash can. So, like any normal guy bored on a Sunday afternoon........... I made this little gem with a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. I may just start a side business. 😁
  12. floatn turd

    Found this picture amusing.

    (If we get the $600)
  13. floatn turd

    Fat kid just wants an damn ice cream!!

    Not sure if this link will work for everyone. But I thought this shit was funny as hell.
  14. floatn turd

    Jet Boat Pump work in Havasu?

    Hi, Who ever cut the holes in my boat was literally high when he did it! My shit turd has always leaked water. This year it was flat out BAAAD! It's time to have the motor pulled, pump pulled and get it all fixed, re-glassed, reset and new hardware. What is the go-to guy in Havasu for this...
  15. floatn turd

    F-250 cut off switch.

    I have seen it mentioned on past threads and after reading the post by @Beautiful Noise today......... I'm ready! What is the best method for an 2006: Take out some fuse? (If so, which one?) Or Have some switch installed.? Please advise Thank you FT
  16. floatn turd

    Funny Picture

    I'm not exactly sure what this means. But I thought the picture was funny. And I definitely feel that fuc*ing fat while on my 450!
  17. floatn turd

    Band of Brothers

    The only good thing to come out of this shit week thus far, is that Band of Brothers is on HBO. Goddamn those kids were bad ass! I'm in awe every time I watch it. Happy Veterans day.
  18. floatn turd

    Todd Hoffman the Singer??

    So, i've been trying to watch anything other than Election crap and I ran across Todd Hoffman singing cover songs on YouTube. I hit "play" expecting to hear a bad Karaoke train wreck.......but it ain't half bad.......(If you listen only & dont look at the man himself) What do "you people" think?
  19. floatn turd

    Another great story from the Babylon Bee

    Fantastic!!!!!!! Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record NEW YORK, NY—In an inspiring story from the world of professional cycling, a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist has crushed all the regular bicyclists, setting an unbelievable world record. In a...
  20. floatn turd

    Suspension question for Dirt Bikes.

    Hi, I don't know much about modern Suspension. I've heard a few different things. Question: Can the "air chambered" forks of newer bikes be adjusted to accommodate a 230ish pound rider? (with gear) Or Would I still need to get the springs n shit swapped out. Type of Riding: Desert and Glamis...