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  1. alohajeff

    No Longer For Sale

    Going to convert BRB into a floating e-Bar. No longer for sale. Aloha
  2. alohajeff

    1957 Ford Fire Truck "Blitz Buggy" $6500

    My dad passed away quite a few years ago and this truck has basically been "yard art" since then. The kids don't have any interest in restoring it and I don't want to see it sit unused. It ran 5 or 6 years ago but has not been started since. The brakes need immediate attention. This is a BRING A...
  3. alohajeff

    Anyone near Benicia? We got ripped off for $5681.00. Need help...

    We sold some parts to a guy (CST 8-10" Suspension lift for a 2011+ GM HD) that had been hounding us for two weeks. The parts were built and boxed on the 15th. We shipped the parts on 12/16 via Golden State Overnight. The parts were delivered and signed for by "Mike" the next day on 12/17. We got...
  4. alohajeff

    Palm Desert / Indian Wells Rental

    A long shot... We are thinking about a quick trip to the Low Dez this weekend. Does an RDP'er have a rental available for 11/7 through 11/10? Palm Desert or Indian Wells. Hotels are packed. Aloha
  5. alohajeff

    Power Wise 36v E-Z-GO Battery Charger

    I upgraded to a 42v system and had to purchase a new charger. This 36v charger works great and is in excellent condition. It has the D style charging plug found on a number of EZGO and Western golf carts. I have it listed on eBay for $150. Will sell it to an RDP'er for $100.00. If you have...
  6. alohajeff

    Golf cart mods... motor rebuilder?

    I picked up a Western 400 about a month ago. We use it for Golf and running back and forth to the club. It is built on an E-Z-Go TXT Series platform. So far I have added a 7th battery for 42v and an Alltrax 400 amp controller. I built a set of 2ga cables and added a 500a continuous rated...
  7. alohajeff

    Carco - Donnie contact info?

    Does anyone have a phone number or address for Carco Donnie? I know he moved the Anaheim shop out toward Elsinore (maybe Murrieta or Temecula). I had a number for him but lost it. Thanks!
  8. alohajeff

    Redneck Mud Racin'

    Pretty darn good video... and the music won't be for everyone but I approve 100%. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbIJyKMXH2M These guys must be dumping US Gubmint farm subsidy money by the tractor bucket load into their mud trucks. Aloha
  9. alohajeff

    NFL - Bad Lip Reading - Video

    The voice for Brady is perfect. Some good stuff in this vid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRqKYXcL-2U Aloha WellDigger - KA KAH... KUH KAH!!!
  10. alohajeff

    Of questionable quality...

    Saw this on eBay and was originally drawn to the $999 price for what appears to be nothing more than junk in the shape of a boat. Then I saw the rudder and realized this is clearly a "custom" and potentially dangerous pile of junk...
  11. alohajeff

    Parker... they think of everything...

    Sitting on the single wide porcelan throne earlier and I spotted this gem: Aloha
  12. alohajeff

    Cenni Ensenada Barrell Roll

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dak_3m798Ic&feature=youtube_gdata_player Aloha
  13. alohajeff

    Parker RV / Boat Storage + Campground?

    I was all set to drive the motorhome and boat out to Pirates Den today and store our stuff there (for the winter) but they are full to capacity. It was going to be $53.xx for a 60'x25' spot. Seemed like a hell of a deal. I am looking for a safe and secure place we can store on the cheap and...
  14. alohajeff

    If your H1 ain't cuttin' it...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNwWf1r0HbA Aloha
  15. alohajeff

    Nice day for an Air Show!

    Out at the Chino air show today... phone sucks at mid-air shots. Saw this on the lounge next to me ( Cal-Aero Country Club). Any RDP'ers out here? Aloha
  16. alohajeff

    Sketchy tow setup...

    You should have seen the bounce this thing had going on! Aloha
  17. alohajeff

    Rippin' it up in a Rolls...

    Not sure if this has been posted... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-pzol0sxro I think the serenity that a modern Rolls interior provides would make doing massive power slides and burnouts awkward. Aloha
  18. alohajeff

    Want to Buy - Youth Motocross Gear!

    I am looking for some Youth Motocross gear. The 11 year old tried on his riding gear and it's too small. I am looking for a pair of boots size Men's 9 and some pants Youth 14 or men's 28" waist. I am also looking for Youth size 2 Boots and Youth 8 pants. The 7 year old found out his big bro...
  19. alohajeff

    Boat fits...

    Picture says it all... and 025 needs to cough up a build thread! Aloha