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  1. jeteater1

    Lake Hemet jobs

    Lake hemet is having a job fair if anyone has any high-school kids looking for a summer job.
  2. jeteater1

    NFT's ?

    Anyone making them. Thinking about Putting bunch of boating bikini babes together into one . Now I just have to find someone to by it.
  3. jeteater1

    Parker Racing

  4. jeteater1

    Insomnia sucks

    I'm on two sleeping pills and can't go down. Two many things running in my head.
  5. jeteater1

    Spring forward (SUNDAY) look at my cooter edition

    Happy Sunday yeall
  6. jeteater1

    Good Thursday Morning

    Pain keeping me up
  7. jeteater1

    Aerial America

    On the Smithsonian channel. I'm really digging it. I like finding out weird information about states that I had no idea about. Just throwing it out there
  8. jeteater1

    Sunday eye candy

    Good Sunday morning
  9. jeteater1


    Clash is on at 4:00 pm pacific Foxes Sports 1 I don't care for politics, this or that. I just like motorsports .
  10. jeteater1

    King of the hammers qualifications

    All day long. Something to watch. Click on live show www.Ultra4racing.com
  11. jeteater1

    30 minutes left for chocolate thunder

    Night time crawling Click on live show www.ultra4racing.com
  12. jeteater1

    Sunday Sunday Sunday

    Will I'm still stuck at home ,so enjoy. King Of the Hammers starts at 10:00 ,, https://www.ultra4racing.com/
  13. jeteater1

    KOH Qualifications live

    I want to go but I'm not cleared from my spine doctor to drive yet. https://www.ultra4racing.com/
  14. jeteater1

    It's Sunday morning

    Been up since 3 and some how lost my pictures files on my tablet. Guess I have to start over . Have a good Sunday everyone..
  15. jeteater1

    Lunch with the wife in

    Got in Swing Inn , they say they are getting closed down tomorrow
  16. jeteater1

    No happy hump day for me.

    In the hospital getting a locker installed. S1-L5 been 3 years since the accident. Hope it takes away the 24/7 pain
  17. jeteater1

    What do you all think this is worth?

    My first bike has new new top end . Missing side covers ,but has new tires . 1978 RM80
  18. jeteater1

    Vandenberg launch

    Coming soon https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive
  19. jeteater1

    Just passing through

    Had a Bobcat come through the yard yesterday.
  20. jeteater1

    FE 390 Ford guys

    What are you all running for a distributor. M cousin's flatly need some love , his dad the boat original owner loved duel points . I hate them and they are holding the motor back . Think the MSD 8595 all in one would be cool , but the reviews are not good. The pro billet is nice but have to...