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  1. wishiknew


    2008 700 fi turbo good shape overheats when in sand or hard use priced with this in mind $4000.00 firm
  2. wishiknew


    THERE IT IS 273
  3. wishiknew

    Looking for pool table

    Nothing fancy just useable
  4. wishiknew


    Anyone on here work on scissor lifts or know a shop ?
  5. wishiknew

    Davis Dam Experiment

    what happened anyone know
  6. wishiknew

    Commercial rollup door installer

    looking to have door installed in the IE area . allready have the new door just need installer
  7. wishiknew

    Sound System for Boat

    looking to buy a sound system for a 23 ft Cheetah in socal nothing to blast the boat next to me just a decent sound system
  8. wishiknew

    2009 chevrolet 2500-4X4 Sold

    2009 service bed extended cab cold ac 4X4 good tires 231140 miles. WILL NOT PASS SMOG! Low oil pressure! $4500.00 bed is worth more than that.
  9. wishiknew

    SOLD Limo Golf Cart 9 passenger

    Club Car 9 passenger gas golf cart 4K
  10. wishiknew

    Electric fuel valve

    Anyone know of a good place to get one
  11. wishiknew

    Paging GordyD4

    anyone with contact info ???
  12. wishiknew

    I 40 east

    Went est on I 40 yesterday had a 60 mph from just past ludlow to mile marker 121 that means 71 miles and no end ??????
  13. wishiknew

    Mohave Valley carpet installer

    need 600 sq feet installed
  14. wishiknew

    Holley carb rebuilder In IE

    Have a holley 4776 carb that sat to long need rebuild ASAP Thanks
  15. wishiknew

    RDSUX Sighting

    5 pm today 91 fast track black 2002 Chevy lifted saw him cut in last minute thought that’s the last I see of him but no about 10 Miles he is beside the road with CHP
  16. wishiknew

    Bravo 21 pitch 4 blade prop

    where to buy ??????
  17. wishiknew

    jacob Shinners Grave

    any one know the story about Jacob Shinners grave on mount baldy road ???
  18. wishiknew

    Schaida baseline upland

    yesterday I was on baseline and saw a Schiada on the trailer un hooked from the truck with the trailer laying on the ground I stoped and talked to the guy and he told me he just towed it from Shasta the receiver on the trailer had broken out the front cut the brake cables and ground off the...
  19. wishiknew


    How do you upload pictures ?
  20. wishiknew

    [SOLD] Whipple 2.3

    Whipple 2.3 Dominator carb intercooler manifolds misc parts 2K