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    ICB New Havasu Location

    Just seen on Speedboat Magazine that Interceptor Custom Boats is opening an additional location in Havasu. This should really help them grow as a brand. It didn’t mention where in Havasu, just that they are opening a new location. They seem to be selling boats like crazy as I read the article...

    Hallett Teak Floors

    New floors for the 255. It took a few weekends to accomplish with help from Master Craftsman Tony Ayala aka Ductape1000 Thanks again Tony. I started by removing the front seating area and got halfway of removing the first seat and said F This and called Nordic/Hallett to get a quote, and after...

    Question for the RDP Brain Trust

    Wanted to know if these electric rams have any adjustment to them. Problem is when it’s just the better half & I cruising on the lake it wants to lift at any speeds over 45mph. TIA

    The ex got half

    My hero. Who hasn’t wanted to do this to their ex?

    LF chrome Shop

    Looking for a chrome shop either in Havasu or SoCal. Want to get the wheels on my boat trailer done. Thanks in advance

    BUDMAN’s Breakfast Run

    We did this run last year and we had a total of 6-7 boats. You have to start somewhere. 😂 Some people (chickens) drove down and had breakfast. Anyways , I’m trying to do it again this year weather permitting. Dec 5th the weekend of the parade of lights. We meet up at the bouy line at...

    Clear Vinyl Bra

    Get your mind out of the gutter you perverts. 😂 Question for the RDP brain trust. I know you can have clear vinyl film installed on new cars to keep the paint or the door handle areas from scratching. My question is, has any one of you tried this on your boat. I would like to maybe do the deck...

    [WTS] 24P Bravo 4 blade prop

    WTS 24P Bravo 4 blade prop. No hub Just had it redone by skips props in Havasu. Was told it was labbed. Don’t need it anymore I have another one for a spare. Located in Havasu I will be out the first weekend of December or can bring back to I.E. can also ship at your expense. $400.

    Falling Down

    As a kid Watching this movie, I’m like, what’s this guys fucking problem? As an adult watching it, I get it now. Great movie though
  10. BUDMAN

    Needing boat appraisal in Havasu

    Who’s the go to for a boat appraisal in Havasu. Insurance company is asking for a appraisal on the boat. Boat is located in Havasu. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  11. BUDMAN

    Auto transport needed LH - Anaheim

    Daughters father n law turbo exploded on him and he’s trying to get it back home to Orange County. Anyone going that way with an empty trailer? You can call or text me Paul 90@-816-8861. thanks in advance. Long shot I know.
  12. BUDMAN

    RDSUX sighting

    Spotted at Mad Tech Diesel Workz in Rancho Cucamonga. Truck is bad ass
  13. BUDMAN

    LTB Enclosed Trailer

    My son is looking for a enclosed trailer for his detailing business nothing larger than a 16' Preferable something with rear barn doors and a side door but not a deal breaker. Hoping to find something in the Inland Empire area but willing to go a little further if need be. I'll be in havasu this...
  14. BUDMAN

    Boating Bucket List

    Grew up going to Parker & Blythe with the parents, then as I got older and started my own program it was Lake Mohave during the day, casinos by night and continued doing this through the late 80 & 90's until mid 2003 when a friend suggested going to Lake Havasu. WE made reservations to stay at...
  15. BUDMAN

    WTB double lake lice trailer.

    Have a buddy looking for a double trailer for sea doo’s. New or used. Anyone have one or can suggest where to get one. thanks in advance.
  16. BUDMAN

    McRaft Up Bound

    The dog and I are just waiting on the better half to get home. Truck is fueled up and loaded and ready to go. Who else is headed out for the McRaft Up?
  17. BUDMAN

    Thread of the week

    What ever happen to thread of the week or was it the month? Just wondering
  18. BUDMAN

    Looking for a little help

    I had ordered these stainless steel covers to mount around the marker lights of my boat trailer. For some reason they don’t fit over the lights. So I need find someone to enlarge the opening . I have 10 of them that need to be done. Any help would be appreciated. The picture with the cover...
  19. BUDMAN

    NASCAR Apologie

    Does anyone else feel that NASCAR owes us an apology for the “noose incident” such bullshit especially after the confederate flag BS
  20. BUDMAN

    Alcohol Vending Machines

    Any one see these. Went to lunch with a friend the other day and seen them. Interesting concept.