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    24’ Schiada for sale

    I’m selling my 95’, 24’ Schiada, has all the good stuff you’d want to have, Pfaff motor, BDS blower, sea strainer, offshore tabs, twin stepped hull, IMCO outdrive, triple axel trailer. It’s all turn key ready to go, oil changed, new filters, bearings repacked, brakes checked, new seals, and...
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    Bravo one 36" LH--labbed prop for sale

    Selling Bravo One 36" labbed prop--LH for sale $400--OBO. Would trade for a LH 26 labbed prop. Please leave message if I don't answer. Todd 480-225-5889
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    Bravo one 30" prop for sale

    I have a bravo one 30" LH prop for sale $350--OBO. I would be interested in a trade for bravo one 26" LH-lab prop. Please contact Todd, 480-225-5889, please leave message if I don't answer. Thank you SOLD
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    Intercom system

    First time trying to post pictures, hope this works. My boat is wired for an intercom system (4 connections), but did not come with headsets. Previous owner is no longer available to ask questions. Anyone know what type of system this is (hopefully pictures post) and what I need to make it...
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    Working on boat and need advice

    Ok, everyone really helped out a lot with my trailer lights not working and solved that challenge, now on to the "new" challenge. The boat is a 1995 24' Schiada, I/O, enclosed engine hatch and everything worked fine until yesterday. Yesterday, I hooked up the mufflerers (already installed with...
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    CSR updates?

    Anyone have an update on the how the CSR is going? Who got to the island first? Is the water still flat? Who's in the lead? Thanks.
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    Good luck to all the CSR's

    I want to wish all the CSR's good luck, be safe, and turn left at the island. :thumbsup
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    Trailer light challenges

    I was working on my boat trailer lights today because the license plate light and the 3 gang light bar on the back are not working. So I back my work truck (ford ranger) up to the trailer, plug in the lights, and start testing the circuit with a light up type tester. I couldn't get anything...