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  1. Nordic John

    How to move a overhead gantry (havasu style)

    Only in Havasu!!
  2. Nordic John

    Representing RDP!!!

    Bachelorette party in the channel. Lol
  3. Nordic John

    At Nordic all boats are treated equally!

    We do DCB's too!
  4. Nordic John

    Nordic 29 deck CC

    This will be the next boat into rigging and will deliver in 3 weeks. This could be one of my favorite paint schemes yet!
  5. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck MM

    This is just in to rigging and will deliver next weekend.
  6. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck ME

    This one will be finished up on Friday this week.
  7. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck MA

    This one will deliver this Saturday
  8. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck RC

    This delivered local here in Havasu a few weeks ago.
  9. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck KC

    This one shipped out to Texas a couple weeks ago.
  10. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck with 200's

    Way behind on build threads! So we will start with this one! This has already been shipped to Wisconsin a few weeks ago.
  11. Nordic John

    Nordic 26 deck with twin 300 Verado's

    Starting with rigging today!
  12. Nordic John

    Our Gel guys are BADASS!!!

    Before After NUFF SAID! Thanks for the tape job RETAOCLEG!
  13. Nordic John

    Newest Nordic 29 deck

    Ready for rigging
  14. Nordic John

    Newest 26 deckboat build

    Started cutting on this one today
  15. Nordic John

    Nordic 28 Heat build! Look,,,,it's not a deckboat!

    :D Some people still want the comfort of the mid cabin to get out of the sun but the performance of the Merc 600 SCI!
  16. Nordic John

    Next 26 deck

    Ready to get rigged.
  17. Nordic John

    The next 26 deck going to rigging

    Beautiful white, blues and silvers!
  18. Nordic John


    Currently looking for service techs. We would prefer someone that is already Merc certified but also someone with experience will be considered as well. You must have your own tools! We also have a few other various positions available. If any of you guys know anyone looking who...
  19. Nordic John

    Nordic Boats on display in Long Beach March 3 thru 6

    We will have the following boats at the Fred Hall boat show at the Long Beach arena. 25 Rage full walk thru with 502 HO 28 Heat open bow with 502 HO 26 Deckboat with 502 HO 32 Deckboat with 600 SCI's 28 SS with Merc 1350 Hope to see ya there!
  20. Nordic John

    Next in?? Another 26 deck