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  1. WYRD

    Was there a motorcade in California today?

    Must be what it was. Rip to the fallen officer
  2. WYRD

    Was there a motorcade in California today?

    Coworker said they shut down the 10 freeway and dozens of Border Patrol, black-and-whites and undercover cops cruising down the freeway. Couldn't find anything about it on the news who's visiting us?
  3. WYRD

    Snap On 72 black tool box and tools

    Great deal for someone. Please buy b4 I do 🙏
  4. WYRD

    Us festival 1983

    It was an outstanding day for sure
  5. WYRD

    Us festival 1983

    I was on stage with Ozzy the 06 Ozzfest Even got to hang with Sharon And black label 👍
  6. WYRD

    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    Go take a shit in your neighbors gravel and piss on their windows
  7. WYRD

    We’ve Been Flocked!

    It's usually something that you can pay to have somebody flocked and the money goes to support whatever cause it's for. In our experience it's mainly school fundraisers
  8. WYRD

    Child molester vs train

    Should have put the fucker in reverse and backed over the POS for good measure
  9. WYRD

    We’ve Been Flocked!

    So do you eat the pineapple or just display it? 🍍 Flocking is a fund raising tactic that our kids school offers. You can pay to have the senior class go out and do it to someone. I guess it is the new way of toilet papering some ones house. Seems like harmless fun in a world that has become...
  10. WYRD

    Speaking of distracted driving.

    Sorry to hear
  11. WYRD

    School me on Jeeps

    I'm good let me know what works for you
  12. WYRD

    Free Transit Level

    Great deal for someone. Cool of you to post
  13. WYRD

    So what would you do? Happened this morning (with video)...

    Is pussyland some sort of amusement park? I may have to rethink my stance on them if so..
  14. WYRD

    Trying to blow up PDF drawings

    Try bluebeam its more robust than Adobe with pdf files. They have a 30 trial version
  15. WYRD

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    I'm sure we've all wanted to drop a kid or two off at some point
  16. WYRD

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    Many years ago my wife I and packed a lunch and went to Silverwood lake in the middle of winter. Brought a bunch of cones and spent the better half of the day practicing as a team to launch and retrieve along with parking the truck and trailer. Set up the cones to simulate other rigs. Really...
  17. WYRD

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    This is exactly what I got yesterday afternoon. Got home from work feeling a bit tired so stretched out on the couch. Wife must have heard my eyelids slam shut because right as I dozed off I hear the dreaded "ARE YOU REALLY SLEEPING RIGHT NOW? " feeling guilty I get up and ask if she needs any...
  18. WYRD

    Old Stereo Speakers

    I had an old pair of Cerwin Vega 12 inch with the mids and highs built into a nice cabinet. Sold them a few years back for 50 bucks at a garage sale wish I never did that
  19. WYRD

    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    Fastest way to annoy your Wife, Take a nap on the couch anytime the sun is up 🤔 I dont know what it is about a sleeping man that drives a woman crazy but it's true....you are now informed! that is all
  20. WYRD

    Real Estate People

    I call mine the "stabbin cabin"