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  1. Blackmagic94

    New ATF appointee was at Waco

    Fuck Biden. Fuck this cunt. I hope this pic ruins his appointment
  2. Blackmagic94

    Piper Aztec Turbo F aircraft for sale

    1978 Piper Aztec Turbo F twin engine aircraft Brand new custom paint job 10/10 Brand new custom interior, black leather with blue diamond stitching, leather side panels, carpet and headliner, 10/10 Rebuilt landing gear hydro pumps Every possible mod STC performed by Diamond Air in Kalispell...
  3. Blackmagic94

    Cylinder head tech for roots blowers

    Ok so here is the debate Can you install to large of an intake runner CC cylinder head design on a BBC with a 6-71 blower installed I currently run 088 Gen V 502 style iron heads (320ish cc intake, 119cc combustion) on my 468 9:1 compression BBC with a 6-71 at -17% under driven Im...
  4. Blackmagic94

    Doug just removed all state and local mask ordinances

    So is the street party a go now? Also lifted the 50 person max gatherings
  5. Blackmagic94

    Classified scams on here. Dave come in

    Ok so I have a wtb post for a pair of #3 props Got a PM the other day saying Hey email so and so he has one. So I email the person takes a day to get back and posts a super low price of 125 with no info of which prop. So finally he sends a pic of a hammered bravo prop which is not...
  6. Blackmagic94

    LOL a real jet bote

    https://nyethermodynamics.com/squirt_2/index.html pardon the 20 year old coded website but guy has T58 turbine 1370 shaft hp powering a jet pump drive on an alum hulled boat.
  7. Blackmagic94

    Well if you believe that then I got a bridge to sell you...

  8. Blackmagic94

    Wtb Mercury Racing SSM#3 props

    Looking for some spare #3 props a pair
  9. Blackmagic94

    Ford canceling Ohio plant to move it to Mexico

    Because of Bidens new tax plan for corps So lets review UAW union tells members to vote Biden Biden raises taxes Ford moves to mexico Union loses job
  10. Blackmagic94

    Who was or still is a street racer

    And I mean legit illegal street racing. Not this bullshit I race the back half of a track on a weekend shit. both boner and I were obsessed with fast street cars in our 20s and later I still have a 88mm turbo sn95 mustang that was in a few magazines and pinks all out Boner aka Taylor had a...
  11. Blackmagic94

    So whats the latest on DS2021?

    Covid numbers are dropping as fast as Bidens memory, so is this going down or what and if so what dates
  12. Blackmagic94

    Tatum Prerunner for sale. Sold

    2016 Tatum Motorsports Prerunner for sale $155,000 Brand new rebuilt ls7 Tatum engine package upgraded to billet dry sump external oil system now. Zero hours on engine. Car is perfect. Carbon fiber body and Motec etc Car just was on the dyno after rebuild and make 942 rwhp which is 1108 at...
  13. Blackmagic94

    Punisher Tatum Prerunner

    My bro in law just had a fresh rebuild on his Tatum and I just picked it up. It dynoed more then last time. Basically works out to 1108 hp at the crank on 10 psi which is the low boost He upgraded to the external dry sump oil system on this go around as well
  14. Blackmagic94

    Hull ID placement

    What are the rules on where and how the ID hull numbers should be placed
  15. Blackmagic94

    QuiQ 48 volt golf cart battery charger

    I have 2 of these Model 912-4800 Retail for 490 each 200 each or 300 for pair
  16. Blackmagic94

    Sold please delete Cummins Onan 4000 RV gen for sale price reduction

    2017 manufactured date but no run time 4000 watts 38 amps 4.0 kva 0.7 gph at full load Gasoline powered These are $4200 new plus tax and shipping $3200
  17. Blackmagic94

    Dave we need to make the forum private

    Parler was data hacked before it was removed from amazon web services last night. 84 tb of user data was stolen by lefties to doxx the right. We need to make the forum private so they cant use email addresses to search for user names and see more posting of how we feel.
  18. Blackmagic94

    If you need a tow at Gordon’s well this weekend

    Call me I got the m923a2 6x6 army truck with us and I can pull anything out. I’ll do Gordon’s and Buttcup No charge for members. 520-419-7016
  19. Blackmagic94

    NewsMAX, you are welcome

    Replace your normal national and local news with Newsmax channel or website, you can thank me later. https://www.newsmax.com/
  20. Blackmagic94

    18 months later and the painter laid some paint down finally

    Got the sides painted. Still need to do the top and the transom and then add the colors. I thought I was gonna have to hire thugs to get this dude to move but he finally did.