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    Ramp for dogs to get out of the water onto a dock?

    Got a Lab puppy who already loves the water and I am looking for a way for her to get in and out of the water. All I can find are ramps for pools but I need it to go up to our dock in Parker at least 2’ out of the water. Ideally removable but not opposed to something like the flip down dock...
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    20" Fuel Mavericks (chrome) w/ 33" Falcon AT's Chevy Silverados1500, Tahoe & Suburban

    (4 wheels/tires = $1250) 20" Fuel Maverick Wheels in Chrome finish fits Chevy & GMC 1500 trucks, silverado, sierra, tahoe, yukon, suburban. These are currently on a 2017 Suburban. No dents, no curb rash scratches. I have a spare matching wheel that was slightly scratched so I replaced it...
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    Weigh-Safe 8" Adjustable (lift or drop) Aluminum Hitch with 2" and 2-5/16 balls

    $150 cash This is a 2.5" hitch shank (3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks) I paid around $350 for this, they are now around $300 on amazon with tax. Includes hitch pin with matching key to the adjustable slide...
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    Offroad Swapmeet moved to Johnson Valley March 6-7

    I was told Fri 2-26 that there are already over 300 selling spaces sold for the swapmeet Wifey ,Kids and I are going out 3/5-3/7 to our property in JV right next to Lasertown where the event is. Some RDP members YZ450mm Marcus and some others and friends will be there. It would be cool to...
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    Stone/rock painting or Rock pool touch-up painting guy?

    I used to have a subcontractor who did awesome paint/airbrushing in multiple colors to re-finish rock pools and make them look new but he retired. I am looking for someone similar to paint some exterior ledger stone and change it from brown tones to grey colors. Job is in Lake Forest. Any ideas?
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    Sold Sherline Trailer Tongue Scale $50

    I bought this in 2015 and used it 1 time. Paid around $150 selling for $50 On Amazon they are $132+ tax https://www.amazon.com/Sherline-LM-2000-Trailer-Tongue/dp/B007REK28M/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=sherline+scale&qid=1612760013&sr=8-2
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    Parker or Havasu Hot-mop guy for a shower pan??

    Does anyone know of a tar guy who can Hot Mop a small shower pan in Parker? I’m against doing it any other way. Thanks
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    Lab Pups due next week if anyone is looking

    I know people are looking for quality healthy puppies so I'm just passing this along, I have no association with Tip Top Labs other than being a previous customer. Denise is in Chandler AZ but she met us halfway to OC with our pup Zoey. They are $2000 and I believe they require a $200 deposit...
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    Kids dirtbike needs an RDP Santa Delivery Havasu To So Cal (OC-ish)

    Got it setup already 👍 Thanks all! An RDP member has a KTM 65 in Havasu that I would like to buy and we have worked out payment if I can figure out transport. I'd chip in $100 for the time and gas to pick it up in Havasu and I will meet you anywhere you want in OC so you aren't spending any...
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    I will update this add immediately if something sells As of 12/9/20 Oset 16- Available SOLD Stacyc 16- Sold Stacyc 12- SOLD If you know these brands, you know they are quality built awesome products and my kids have LOVED them. They were a great transition into to dirtbikes and learning a twist...
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    How do I clone a remote from a remote?

    I have a wireless remote control for a winch with only 2 functions; in & out. Ideally I want 3 remotes. Who could I go to that can provide and program spare remotes with matching frequencies from an existing remote. They are coded and sealed from the factory on different frequencies per the...
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    Covid testing for KOH participants AND “attendees” lol

    I just saw this on my Team Italy Koh FB page. Can’t believe this but they had to secure the BLM permit one way or another and this was the most extreme plan. I haven’t read all the details I don’t know how the fuck they’re gonna deal with the logistics but wow. I just require you take 2 tequila...
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    Who has Honda 400 quad with reverse to sell?

    Cash in Hand looking for honda quads kids 70/90s and especially a Trx 400 2005+ with reverse. 714-616-0417 or send me a PM
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    SOLD—-30" Stock Canam Maverick X3 Turbo tires/wheels- 0 miles.

    SOLD Tires still have stickers and nipples $500 cash, no less or I'll keep them as spares. They are in Irvine
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    Smokin Weed at the river... Legal

    AZ passed recreational use🥴
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    Name this nut please

    Can you name this kind of nut that slides in and out of this track? The rubber little post to get them in and out is a must. If I knew the name of that style of slip track I would have done better on my Google search
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    Class A Contractor needed to do a city connection feed for a new fire sprinkler system in Santa Ana.

    Class A general engineering co needed to do a main line city connection for a fire sprinkler system in Santa Ana. The run is only 8 ft under the city sidewalk. Any recommendations?
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    SOLD-------2017 KTM Pro-Junior 50 (mini)

    SUPER clean 2017 KTM Pro-Junior 50 mini. Not raced just dirt road ridden. No gears, just twist the throttle and go.... fast. A few scratches on the front fender and that is it. Not even 1 hour of ride time after being fully serviced by 3 Bros KTM dealer in Newport beach and ready to go. I...