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  1. Rexone

    1987 Schiada 21 River Cruiser Boat 300 Turbocharged

    This is no longer my boat, I'm posting for my brother. Boat is in Havasu. Email me for his contact info with questions etc. sales@rexmar.com. I don't check PMs regularly here so email please. 1987 Schiada 21 foot River Cruiser. $125000 36 more pictures Originally built and set up for ski...
  2. Rexone

    Cell Phone question?

    I have a Samsung Galaxie Mega and the battery is fast becoming toast. The phone is approx 3 years old and works fine other than the battery. I'm going to purchase a new battery, my question is when I remove the old one and replace it will I lose all my contacts etc? Is there another small...
  3. Rexone

    Anyone traveling to Havasu or Parker?

    I have some tall jackstands and a transmission jack in Rancho Cucamonga that my brother needs in Havasu. They would easily fit in the bed of a pickup if anyone is going in the next couple weeks that could take them please email me at sales@rexmar.com... He can pick up from you there, Havasu or...
  4. Rexone

    New MSD 8562 Dist and Wires, Chevy Tall or Short

    New distributor and New wires 8mm MSD Distributor, brand new. This was in a display engine. It's never been in a running engine. $350 #8562, Chevy Marine Billet Distributor, with adjustable slip collar for standard or tall deck blocks, a set of 8mm MSD Helicore Blue wires included, new...
  5. Rexone

    New Old Stock Nicson 800-5 Bellhousing

    NEW Polished 800-5 Nicson Marine Bellhousing to fit top mount starter fits BBC and SBC, this is a rare no longer made piece, and even rarer to find one NEW never used. Accepts 2-bolt Delco type starter (not included). Bottom mount starter may also be used This bellhousing has the Borg Warner...
  6. Rexone

    Heavy Duty 10 D Vdrive Ski Race

  7. Rexone

    Intertex Motorized Carousel for Linoleum, Vinyl Flooring

    Large rotating carousel for storage of 12 foot long rolls of vinyl flooring, linoleum, ideal for flooring dealer or store. Motorized, works. Buyer picks up and disassembles for transport by appointment. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Made by Intertex Macshinenbau, West Germany. Comes with rollers...
  8. Rexone

    Need Transit from IE to Havasu

    I have a 12 foot long rigid tube of rubrail that needs to go to Havasu sometime in the next 2 weeks. If anyone from the western IE is going or traveling through that could take please let me know and I will meet or take it to you. plz email me at sales@rexmar.com. Will contribute some gas money.
  9. Rexone

    San Diego area to Inland Empire

    Anyone traveling this way in the next couple weeks or so? I have some parts down there that need to come to me in Upland, Rancho, Ontario area. Will gladly pay your gas money if you're coming this way anyway. email sales@rexmar.com
  10. Rexone

    Anyone heading to Havasu?

    Over the next few days from So Cal? I have a 12 foot long tube of rubrail that needs to go there. There $50 in it for someone to haul it and drop it off. I will bring to you or meet you on the road locally here to handoff as needed. Please email me at sales@rexmar.com as I might miss a...
  11. Rexone

    Insurance guys on here?

    Regarding commercial insurance for my shop. Please email me at sales@rexmar.com. I'd like to discuss and get quote. thx. mike
  12. Rexone

    Anyone traveling to or through Phoenix late this week?

    I have a delivery to a customer needs to go to Phoenix from So Cal. 12 foot long tube about 25 lbs and a 42 x 44 x 4 flat box, 30 lbs. It's worth $100 for me to find someone to take it. email sales@rexmar.com please. I'm not on the forums a lot these days. thx u. mike
  13. Rexone

    Anyone traveling to Havasu?

    in the next couple days. I have a milk crate of parts and a small tire I need to get to my brother there. I can bring to you and he will pick up from you there if you can just take them. let me know sales@rexmar.com. Thank you. I am in San Gabriel Valley and west Inland Empire area.
  14. Rexone

    Pallet Racking / Shelving

    All this racking has been sold.
  15. Rexone

    Pep Boys Magnet

    Drove through if any bolt-on part was missed I'm sure he'd appreciate knowing about it.
  16. Rexone

    Rex Marine Garage Sale

    Rex Marine is going through some changes. I am downsizing, getting rid of a lot of product lines that I classify as accessories, and engine parts. For 2015 going back to the core products, billet stuff, fabricated stuff primarily. So as a result in the coming days and weeks a lot of great...
  17. Rexone

    2 Dogs Need A Ride Havasu to LA Area

    There are 2 dogs in a bad Havasu Rescue situation that need a ride today or tomorrow to LA. Animal Control will pick them up if they are not moved out of where they are, they were already hidden from a Saturday AC visit. If they enter the shelter system there's a good chance they will not leave...
  18. Rexone

    Antique Benedetti Desk from the 60's

    This is a beautiful old antique Benedetti made very large executive desk 1960's era styling. Very nice what appears to be Maple top with dark stripe inlay fairly common in the 60's era. I simply have no room to use it or I'd keep. Drawers all work smoothly and fit well. Top could use...
  19. Rexone

    Brown taking a little dip

    I apologize to Vin in advance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeCOfNWjJUs