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    Cole/Giroux TR2 builds

    Yes, that's Dirk and Justin Perkins's new ride.
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    Possible Parker Strip Incident?

    Because the four bolt coupler in the photo appears to be the same size/length as a six bolt coupler, dose that mean that the four bolt coupler with the bolt spacing shown, and two less clamping bolts than a six bolt coupler, have the same clamping force as a six bolt coupler ???
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    Possible Parker Strip Incident?

    Since when is a four bolt coupler "stout"???
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    South OC Machine Shop ... help

    I can make it for you. I'm in Simi Valley, Ca. You can mail me the broken parts, so I can measure them. Call or text 1-818-883-8223. Scott/FBmarine/Boat anchor
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    Need stainless round rod in havasu

    Machine the bushings out to one inch diameter.
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    Need stainless round rod in havasu

    If that is for your transom bar for the cavitation plates on the Spectra that you are fabricating, you would be better off using 1 inch diameter. On Line Metals, was having a 15% off sale. They will ship too Havasu.
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    Need to buy Maha race ski or dc race ski

    There is a Maherajah Race ski listed on the Los Angeles edition of Craigslist today 08/27/2020. Just enter Maherajah in the search window. Good luck.
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    Chiny Chit

    Hey Brad, the new plates look great all bolted up. Hopefully they went on with no problem. Thanks again for the opportunity to work on them. The entire boat looks fantastic. Enjoy.
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    Custom steering brackets on the Brummett

    Who makes/sells the mill vise stop in the first photo on the left in post #29???
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    Howard GN 20'

    His phone number is posted. Give him a call.
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    Howard GN 20'

    This is my Buddys boat. Nice project and very clean. It's up in Elma Washington. He's a motivated seller and just lowered the price to $ 3500.00 today. Give him a call. His name is Jim, (360) 561-9966.
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    Cav plates

    Hey Brad, I can build you a set. I'm the one that fabricated your billet battery top. I have a way of dealing with the countersunk holes which pretty much assures picking up the center of the hole. I'm just finishing up a job for Gary Hairabedian's blue and white 22 ft. Schiada. Call or text...
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    DiMarco 74 runner with 427 Ford

    Are you sure that your dad's Di Marco is a runner bottom??? The last photo you posted of it, shows a very flat cavation plate (no changes in plate height for the runner tunnels) thus indicating the boat is a flat flat, and not a runner bottom.
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    Flip top fuel filler gasket

    McMaster Carr will have the rubber sheet material. www.mcmastercarr.com
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    DiMarco 74 runner with 427 Ford

    I can remember seeing this boat (yellow and black gel scheme - have never seen another one like it.) being rigged at Gene Deavers shop (Deavers Custom Marine) on Sheldon and San Fernando Rd., in Sun Valley, Ca., back in 1975. I had just purchased a 1968 Sanger flatbottom, and Gene was helping me...
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    Wooden Boats on Lake Tahoe, KCET

    Google Bob Nordskog's Golden Venus. I should come up.
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    Wooden Boats on Lake Tahoe, KCET

    That boat (The Golden Venus) originally belonged to Bob Nordskog, and was rigged by Norm Teauge.
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    1/2" tubing bender...

    Hey Joe, Scott Davis, (Boat Anchor) here. It was great to meet you and your business partner this morning. I'm glad that I could help you guys out. If you have any other questions, or if I can help you out in any other way, please give me a call. Best regards, Scott Davis, aka Boat Anchor
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    1/2" tubing bender...

    I have a hand held 1/2 inch Ridgid (brand) Tube Bender with rollers for Stainless Steel Tube. It will bend any material but is designed for kink/ripple free bends in Stainless Steel. Like new. I'm in Simi Valley, Ca. 93063. 1 818-883-8223 Scott
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    Who recognizes this building?

    Schiada Boats