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  1. X Hoser

    Great American ShortCourse

    In case any of you are interested! It’s back in So Cal.
  2. X Hoser

    Question for the Plumbers

    Does CSST Flex gas pipe meet code in San Bernardino County? Even if it does, what is your take on it? For reference it will be ran in the attic. Thanks in advance.
  3. X Hoser

    LOORS No More

    Lucas Oil Motorsports shuttered the Off Road Racing Series today. Both National and Regional Series. Big blow to local Short Course Off Road Racing. I've worked for the series the past 8 years and met some really great people, both at Lucas Oil and the Racers/Teams. It was a fun job for me. Feel...
  4. X Hoser

    (SOLD) SnugTop Camper Shell

    Came off a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD standard bed. (6.5') Tinted windows, interior light, felt roof, slam rear hatch door, sliding and drop down front window, Yakima rack. I believe will fit 2015-2019. $1675. OBO Bought a fifth wheel, need to go to a Bak Flip or similar
  5. X Hoser

    Need Help! Ford V10 Codes

    I keep getting codes on a Ford V10, F53 Motorhome. (Has the Banks Kit but running stock program). First Time, after adding fuel. (Not a fill up). Check engine light came on. Tightened the cap and after 3 cold starts light went off. Then, a few days later, light back on. Codes P0148, possible...
  6. X Hoser

    [WTB] Camper Shell '15 GMC

    Looking for a summit white Leer or equivalant camper shell for a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. Standard Bed (6.5'). Must be in like new condition. What 'cha got?
  7. X Hoser

    Just Curious...

    I know nothing about outboards but with their popularity, why no aftermarket turbos or blowers? Lowers won't handle it? Seems there may be a market for it?
  8. X Hoser

    Educate me....

    I have never owned a boat with an outboard motor. Looking at a 19' Daytona with a Merc 200 EFI. Possibly 1990's vintage? Maybe newer being that it is an EFI? Are they all 2 strokes? I have read in the past that the lowers play a big roll in how they perform, but not sure. Any input is...
  9. X Hoser

    Question for the Pool Guys

    With all of the predicted rain in So Cal this weekend, should I drain the pool a little or just let it overflow? The decking all slopes away from the pool. 50% of the deck is raised 3 feet above pool, the other 50% of deck is at pool level.
  10. X Hoser

    Fire in Arrowhead

    Daughter called and said it is in the Pilot Rock area behind Arrowhead. We can see the header from Redlands. Hope they can get a handle on it quick!
  11. X Hoser

    Now I'm Looking For A Trailer

    Anyone got a used trailer for sale? 5x10 with min. 2 foot solid sides? Or a 5x10 with 2 foot min sides hydraulic dump trailer? Not looking for new but no junk either. Thanks
  12. X Hoser

    Golf Cart For Sale

    2000 Club Car. Daughter just bought a house and it came with it. Appears to have newer batteries. Appears to run good and seems to be in decent condition. She wants $1500 for it. If interested, PM me and I'll reply with her phone number. I know nothing more about it. It is in Lake Arrowhead.
  13. X Hoser

    Help pricing an El Camino

    Ran across a "barn find" today. Been up on blocks in a barn for 10 years. 1969 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396, automatic. 100% original including rally wheels, landau top, factory A/C, PS, PB, bench seat with shifter on column. Hardly a door ding, no rust. Was painted some time ago. Was metallic...
  14. X Hoser

    21' Schiada RC For Sale

    1996 21' SCHIADA RC. 509 Bowtie block, Brodix heads, TT, Art Carr trans. Nearly new interior by Bill at ARKO. (Everything was built new including hatch). SS Cav. plates with foot pedal activation and T-handle lock out. Dual sea stainers and dual fuel filters. Full cap. I've been...
  15. X Hoser


    Will the new Speedster top fit on an older 27' or 28' Daytona? As in, I bring you a 2005-12 (?) Daytona with canopies and you cut the top off and put a Speedster top 1/2 on it. If so, I know color scheme will have to to a lot with price but lets say all white. Ballpark price?
  16. X Hoser

    Someone was looking for a 28' PartyCat

    Hope you like your music :yikes http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/4927952361.html
  17. X Hoser

    RD'S new bar

  18. X Hoser

    Outnumbered Fund Raiser

    If you haven't seen Outdrive1's post in the Lounge take a look first. If you see anything you like PM me and I'll ship it to you. You in turn make a donation to Outnumbered's Fund by sending a check to Riverdiva or Outdrive1. Here's what I have; Braided, Corrugated SS hose with SS fittings -16...
  19. X Hoser


    It all started when I bought Chris Benjamin's 21 RC, "King Bee" in January 2012. Plan was to do a couple of quick things to it and have it ready for Spring. Well?.that didn't go as planned. One thing lead to another and the "sickness" set in. It's been a 2 year project, finally splashed it for...
  20. X Hoser

    Ellis Trailer axle needed

    Anyone have a square tube Ellis trailer axle with a 3" drop spindle laying around they would sell? On a 21' Schaida RC trailer. Any recommendations on a good trailer shop? I spoke with Vic at Bear, just a long way to get a broken trailer to him. (Great guy, will probably end up using him if all...