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  1. 69GS

    Truck/Car Renderings

    Anyone here do or have recommendations for someone to do renderings? For a 72 Chev truck specifically. Thanks Kirk
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    Julian Pettengil

    I read this morning he passed away, is this true?
  3. 69GS

    19 ft Schiada

    I'm IT challenged but I saw it on facebook on BadAzz boats, its green in color and a gentleman named Eric Sperry has it for sale along with a Hallett GN boat. Thought I would pass it along to the Schiada crowd. Sorry I didn't know how to pass the link or pic.
  4. 69GS

    Rocs and Billy B's

    Going to Palm Springs for a couple of days before going over Billy B's Boat and car show on Saturday. Any recommendations on the menu or is it all Good. Also what is the best route from Palm Springs to Needles? Thanks, Kirk
  5. 69GS

    Rayson Craft Experts

    I went to look at an old 72 PU for another project and I pulled into the driveway and this stuck out like a sore thumb. Initially I thought it was a Schiada but then realized it was a Rayson Craft. I've never seen one like this. Has anybody ever saw one of these before or know any of the...
  6. 69GS

    Billy B's Boat and Car Show

    When is this event?
  7. 69GS

    72 SWB Pick Up

    72 Cheyenne Super clone for sale, 350 eng W/ Hughes 700R/4 trans. I refer to it as a clone because when it was listed by the previous owner he referred to it as a Super which I had my doubts about and cannot verify.I have owned it for 8 years and it has 9000 plus miles on it since I installed...
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    Is anyone in the Phoenix area stocking this Lucas product ? Thanks
  9. 69GS

    Point Loma Fishing

    My boys are leaving today and going over to Point Loma for an all day boat tomorrow. Any tips on boats, captains or otherwise would be appreciated. Thanks Kirk Chandler,AZ
  10. 69GS

    Concrete Paint

    Anybody have any opinions about indoor concrete paint brands etc. And suggestions as to what do and not to do. Any help would be helpful. Thanks Kirk Chandler,AZ