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  1. C-Ya

    My local Inlet - A Year in Review - Hillsboro Inlet

    I found this video review of my local inlet. It should be noted that the accidents you will see only happen at high tide. At low tide it is completely visible. I know several friends and neighbors that have narrowly missed doing the same thing. I can understand because it looks deceiving from...
  2. C-Ya

    Vintage Hallett Regatta Shirt

    My wife was going through some boxes and found the shirt below. It has never even been washed. Brand New. It’s a small, so I can’t wear it. I might buy a glass sports jersey display and put it on my wall for old time sake. I thought you would get a kick out of it. It’s the 1999 regatta that was...
  3. C-Ya

    Here’s an interesting article about a unique boat club.

    Hey guys..... Below is an article about a boat club. If you can read between the lines....... you might see a correlation with why I am going to Nantucket. That’s all I can say. I will let the story fill in the blanks. Please do not make me confirm what is obvious...
  4. C-Ya

    What can you guys tell me about Nantucket?

    Hey guys...... I just accepted a private yacht captain job in Nantucket for the summer. Anybody have any useful info about the island or area? By the way..... the Yacht is the best of the best! However, due to a NDA (non disclosure agreement) I cannot give details, but let’s just say Rolls...
  5. C-Ya

    Kite Surfing Crashes

    The video below is why I probably won’t try kite surfing....... but it looks fun otherwise.
  6. C-Ya

    Are you guys aware of the new boating law?

    Change Is Coming: Mandatory Kill Switch Use I am lazy so I am just doing a repost of a new law that was recently added to a spending bill. Most people are complaining on how it was snuck into the bill. I have no idea if this will be enforced..... where you boat? I only say that because there are...
  7. C-Ya

    Interesting Boating Story- Fountain vs Seadoo Wake Accident

    Here’s a link to the story. It’s already several pages on another boating site I frequent. I have no dog in this hunt other than to ad a little boating content...
  8. C-Ya

    Interesting Mercury Outboard future speculation.....

    Hey guys, I did not write what is below. I copied it from another forum. It is interesting enough to b e discussed here. Here it is: Is the BIG news from Mercury Marine on February 11 related to Electric Outboards? There is Purewatercraft coming with their 50 hp electric outboard motor ...
  9. C-Ya

    Are any of you guys running Zipwake Dynamic Trim Tabs?

    I am curious if any of you guys have installed the Zipwake Trim Tabs on a performance boat? I am seeing more and more center console boats with these installed and the feedback has been extremely positive. Typical response is that they will never buy another boat without them. I cannot help but...
  10. C-Ya

    Here’s a fun to watch Aussie Boat Racing Video.

    Also..... 100 Kilometers an hour is 62 miles per hour. That is how fast the top speed is.
  11. C-Ya

    Rough Ocean Instructional Video from the Gayle Force Twins. Good Info!

    Hey guys...... I know most of you have unquestionable skills when it comes to anything with a motor. However, for those of you that would like some info on how to trim your boat in rough water, the video below by the Gayle Force Twins does an excellent job of laying it out. It does a fantastic...
  12. C-Ya

    Boat Fire Video

    Just watch this!
  13. C-Ya

    Yard Sale at Boynton Inlet

    This is why Boynton Inlet is more treacherous than Haulover....... Florida. Turns into a yard sale!
  14. C-Ya

    1970’s Parker 9 Hour Enduro Videos - Vintage Parker

    Take a look at these videos. This is what Parker looked like to me in the early days. Too much to comment on. Long before the Casino. Takes me back to being a kid on the river.
  15. C-Ya

    Boat of the future - Video

    Here is a unique boat and I don’t mean this because it’s electric. It has the technology to make the lake and river smooth again, by foiling you over the rough water and towboat wakes. If you look at the wake it glides over at the 1:35 mark, it certainly will glide over the largest of wakeboard...
  16. C-Ya

    Video of Hanko Poker Run in Finland -

    I thought some of you would find this interesting. I knew they had Poker Runs all around the Mediterranean, but..... Finland?
  17. C-Ya

    Boating News of the Week.

    Here is this weeks, boating news of the week...... Looks like you Phoenix people had a storm.
  18. C-Ya

    Critique this boat for Havasu?

    I recently discovered this brand of boat. Alfastreet. They have a lot of style. Reminds me of a Von Dutch or Riva. I am curious...... If these boats were available in Havasu, would this be of interest to any of you? What do you like or not like? Here is the 28. It has a 10ft beam. Here are...
  19. C-Ya

    Does anybody else watch Boneheaded Boaters of the week?

    For the last year..... I have been watching “Boneheaded Boaters of the week” on YouTube. It comes out every Sunday and is usually just under 5 minutes long. There has been some great scenes captured that will definitely make you wonder how that happened. Here is a sample of a typical week...