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  1. BigMike

    Bullhead City 3bed, 2bath, 40’ deep garage

    Selling our home in Bullhead City. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1633 square feet 21’ wide x 40’ deep garage that fits our 28 deck boat, and 2 other cars Comes fully furnished Asking $299,900 Click on the Zillow link below...
  2. BigMike

    New build help

    We currently have a 2 bed 2 bath 1300sqft house in Bullhead with 40’ deep garage and looking to build something bigger. Ideally, we want 2 master bedrooms with a 3rd bedroom for guests and a 3rd bathroom. Most importantly we want a huge garage. Looking for double RV garage, 70’ deep and an...
  3. BigMike

    Coolant Pressure Sensor

    Anyone have issues with the “coolant pressure sensor” on a Merc 600? Motor went into guardian mode and wouldn’t let me go over 4000rpm. Impeller working fine, I can see water being sucked in on the sea strainer. Intercooler pumping out water like normal. Temperatures stayed constant, didn’t...
  4. BigMike

    2019 Official Shockwave Regatta

    The 2019 Official Shockwave Regatta is coming up on September 13-15. 2019 Shockwave Regatta REGISTRATION FORM. You can fill out and either: Mail: 1800 Capital Street - Corona, CA 92880 Fax: 951-898-9361 Email: jen@shockwaveboats.com
  5. BigMike

    2016 Duramax Needs Smog Check (CA)???

    2016 Chevy Duramax bought used in 2017. Renewed registration in 2018 and no smog test needed. Go to register it today and need to get a smog test... does this sound right??? I know California has a bunch of BS laws when it comes to this stuff but...
  6. BigMike

    School Me-Buying/Selling Boat in AZ

    I am sure this has been asked in previous threads, but I want to make sure I cover all of my bases. We are selling our boat private party and buying a boat private party, both registered in AZ. What paperwork do we need to do when SELLING our boat that is registered in AZ? What paperwork do...
  7. BigMike

    SOLD 2011 Shockwave 28’ Deckboat SOLD

    SOLD!!! 2011 28’ SHOCKWAVE DECKBOAT 1 Owner Boat Garaged since Day 1 Mercury Racing 525 Bravo XR Drive 300 Hours on Engine and Hull 150 Hours on Drive (gear failure on original drive) Full service just completed by Shockwave IGL Ceramic Coating By DETAIL SPECIALTIES Custom Gator Step Flooring...
  8. BigMike

    Topock poker run

    When is it this year? I haven't heard anything about it... when is registration? Dates? Etc...
  9. BigMike

    Pirate Cove Off Road Poker Run 2018

    I got a text saying registration is open. I did this event last year and I am hesitant to sign up again. Compared to the Topock poker run, the Pirate run was boring to me. It is partially their fault, but I also understand that doing this stuff in CA is a bitch. Not trying to slam the organizers...
  10. BigMike

    Insurance question

    2016 RZR Turbo 4 insurance renewal came in the mail and they want $911 to renew for next year. That seems really high to me. What company is everyone using for their off road toys and how much are you guys spending? Thanks in advance!
  11. BigMike

    Any Plumbers in the socal area on here?

    In need of a plumber in East Long Beach. Any plumbers on here that can come take a look? Thanks
  12. BigMike

    LAM: Gator Step Flooring

    Just got the new Gator Step Flooring installed on my Shockwave 28 Deck. A few minor fit and finish issues will be handled, but we love the new look. We think it makes this 6 year old boat, look brand new again!
  13. BigMike

    Topock Off Road Poker Run

    I am thinking about participating this weekend since we just bought a new RZR and looking for new trails to explore. Any info would be great. Is it worth it? How many cars participating? Thanks
  14. BigMike

    Concrete guy needed Long Beach area

    We are remodeling a house in Long Beach across from Long Beach State and have some slab issues from tree roots. Are there any concrete guys on here that can come take a look at some point and give a bid to fix/replace? Thanks
  15. BigMike

    Prop Choice

    Looking to go test props this weekend at one of the local lakes. Current setup is the new Shockwave 28 Deck with a 600 Merc/XR drive with a 29P 4 blade bravo prop. I have a 28 4 blade bravo that we are going to try out. I want to try a 5 blade 28P to see how it runs. Does anyone have a 5 blade...
  16. BigMike

    WTB RZR 1000 Turbo XP 4

    Been looking for awhile about getting a RZR and I think I am ready to pull the trigger since the dealers are offering clearance rates on the 2016 models. Del Amo in Santa Ana has several RZR Turbo XP 4 listed at 6K off for $21,499. Is that a good price? if not, where else should I be looking? I...
  17. BigMike

    Box anchor question

    I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up a large box anchor for my 28' deck boat. I know it says that I don't need any chain attached to it, but where I'm going to use it for a week is known to get windy at times. Will it hurt to add chain? Will it help? What does the RDP brain trust think? Thanks
  18. BigMike

    Another new guy

    Long time viewer, and decided to join the madness. How do you put a picture in for your profile?
  19. BigMike

    Mercury XR Drive Parts Failure... WTF?

    I've been following RDP for awhile, but this is my first post. Cruising up the river from Pirate's to Jack Smith, the drive grenaded itself. 28 foot Shockwave Deck Boat with a 525 and the XR drive. My mechanic pulled it apart and the pictures tell the story. I have never slammed it in gear...