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  1. caribbean20

    South Bay drag racer

    For those of you who live in the South Bay, saw this article in the Easy Reader. I’ve seen this guy riding his bike in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach many times over the years. Never knew he was a Top Fuel drag racer. Cool story. Figured some of you guys may have known Jim Boyd. PS and...
  2. caribbean20


    Just got back from 16 hour ride from Hermosa Beach to Boulder, CO. We do this trip about 6 times/year. This time we took our daughter's '20 Ford Escape with the 360 system, lane centering and adaptive cruise. The lane centering works great and makes the trip much easier. Incredible tech for...
  3. caribbean20

    Rained aircraft parts today

    Minding my own business and heard a loud boom, like a plane going supersonic, and a jet under full throttle. Didn’t think much about it until we got the emergency call from local PD to report any engine parts laying around in the yard that weren’t there an hour ago. It was UA 328 bound for...
  4. caribbean20

    Mars Rover landing today

    For the space geeks, don’t forget to tune in for the landing today at 3:55 pm EST. Hopefully it lands in 1 piece.
  5. caribbean20

    Bad decisions, best story’s

    Blasting music tonight after anniversary dinner. Randomly recall seeing AC/DC at Royal Oak music theater in college when Bon Scott fronted. Ear piercing volume, cops pulled the plug mid song. I flunked the test next day. It was worth it.
  6. caribbean20

    Working up a number 6

    Apartment stereo wars. My son, who is super shy and not real street smart, asked for advice regarding a noisy neighbor upstairs. I gave him the usual progression, start with humbly introducing yourself, see if you can work it out, etc. If all else fails, work up a number 6. Unleash an unholy...
  7. caribbean20

    We try to modify . . . everything

    Figured many of you would be amused by this exchange with my buddy since grade school. He’s afflicted with the same illness. Just have to make the e-bike faster, can’t stand it!
  8. caribbean20

    Wine pairing for turkey?

    We usually go with a buttery Chardonnay like Decoy or La Crema. Wine proprietor talked me into this French Rose, Le Provençal. Claims it bridges the gap between white and red and compliments the turkey well. Pinot Noir also in the conversation but I’m not a big fan. What’s your go to pairing?
  9. caribbean20

    Dodgers season tickets

    Just got the offer to extend our contract for an extra year, 2022. We have a couple of guys dropping out so I’ll have to go up to 20 games. Hasn’t been a problem selling on StubHub for face, just kind of a pain in the ass to manage and not forget about a game. Tough call as we have great...
  10. caribbean20

    Electric MTN bikes

    Had this one for a few months. For those of you who are less “enthusiastic” MTN bikers, these things are the ticket. A few pics of the great Boulder, CO bike trails, and a good watering hole nearby. My kinda biking:cool:
  11. caribbean20

    Never say die

    No way I saw it this close. Believed the polls again. Trump was tireless in the last few days and projected major league strength. We have a horse race. Looks like we keep the senate, no matter what. Fingers crossed.
  12. caribbean20

    Best unlimited hydroplane race . . . ever

    For the unlimited hydroplane race fans. Chip Hanauer had large steel balls for this race, just watch him wring it out. Lucky enough to see this one live. Crank up the volume and enjoy.
  13. caribbean20

    Another stereo question

    Upgrading the A/V, got the Denon AVR X4700H, 125 watts/channel. Stereo guy is proposing Origin Accoustics D 85 indoor/outdoor ceiling speakers. We use them to play loud music. I’ve never heard of this brand, anyone with experience?
  14. caribbean20

    Berkeley info

    24 year old son hell bent on moving there for school from Boulder, CO (post graduate). We are driving out on Tuesday. I don’t know jack shit about the area, other than a liberal bastion. Sis lives in Benicia, so family close by. Any advice from our No CA members on parts of city to avoid...
  15. caribbean20

    Week at Powell

    Boated on buddies Rinker 37 Express Cruiser. All the bells and whistles. Different from our hot rod jet boat days on Mohave and blasting around Mead on the Fountain 38, but fun nonetheless. We did the 50 mile run from Antelope to that Arch deal. Long walk in 103 degrees. Quite the...
  16. caribbean20

    Road trip made easier

    Leaving tomorrow Denver to Antelope Point. 9 hour walk in the park. I enjoy road trips, the wife not so much. To make life easier, I picked up this specialty air mattress for the back seat so she can snooze. It’s got 5 separate pieces so the thing lays completely flat, works pretty good for...
  17. caribbean20

    Love the civil disobedience

    FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Here in Broomfield, CO, the silent majority are letting fly with a nice display of joy and happiness. Fireworks booming. Good lord there is some serious ordinance going off. Awesome.
  18. caribbean20

    Ozarks this week

    What to do? Places to go? Visiting family in MO and going with wife and daughter to Margaritaville for 5 days. Renting a boat, bar time, etc on the list (obviously), anything else fun down there. We’ve got a lake view suite. Looks like they’ve got some nice toons to rent.
  19. caribbean20

    Get the scan, only $90

    Hearing too many incidents of guys our age getting strokes. FYI, if you are at all concerned, you can get an image of your blood vessels in your heart and neck at a local imaging shop. For example, here in Denver metro, Touchstone Imaging does them for 90 bucks. Crazy that most insurance...
  20. caribbean20

    Access Event Data Recorder - Ford

    Involved in an accident with airbags deployed, in CO. No injuries. Data from EDR could be helpful (e.g., speed), but I want to see it first. Researched the issue and no easy answer (i.e., special equipment needed to access Bosch data gathering module). Called the local Ford dealer and rep...