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  1. TomD

    Caption this...

    Sod buster.
  2. TomD

    Caption this...

    I want to be a jet boat
  3. TomD

    Backing up trailer lesson...

    LOL!!! 👍
  4. TomD

    Big Day For The Monkey Farm!

    Very nice!!!
  5. TomD


    I didn't feel a thing but, I'm a little East of you. :)
  6. TomD

    Happy Easter Fuckers!

    Thanks Jeff !!!
  7. TomD


    "Here she comes......" LOL
  8. TomD

    Video of my dad............... Hanggliding...

    Or the salt. Got to have salt. 🤣
  9. TomD

    Old Man Issues . . . . . . . .

    I have been wearing them for about 7 or 8 years now. Just got a new pair of Oticon ($6K) Connect via Bluetooth to my phone. They make good better and best I believe. These were the best. I can raise and lower from my phone if I want or right on the HA it's self. They have models that you...
  10. TomD

    Hey Florida boating peeps......

    Come on Joe, its just "Wet Heat". LOL!!!
  11. TomD

    12 hours until the fun starts

    Good luck.
  12. TomD

    Pedo Joe Fail - Falls Climbing Stairs to Air Force One

    Whole lot of WOW here
  13. TomD

    Shooting the Tommy Bahama MTI!

    Stop being such a tease. Not sure what it looked like before but by chopping the canopy off really make it a pleasure boat now? LOL
  14. TomD

    Love notes

    Happy Anniversary !!!!
  15. TomD

    I used the word THENCE today

    Yes :oops: 👍😁
  16. TomD

    Good thing her airbags deployed

    LOL....She Good....LOL!!!! What's a little rubber!!!! She bounced quite well LOL!!!
  17. TomD

    RIP Lou. Who I didn’t know....

    Rip Lou! Still have a bunch of my favorites on tape and getting a bunch of my favorites on CD's now as well. Pick up a new one now and then. Listen to the radio quit a bit too.
  18. TomD

    Well Sparkys, now you've done it

    Here we go - wiredeinstalliontool LOL
  19. TomD

    WHOA! WTF happened to Vegas?!

    Went about a year and a half ago. The strip was OK and saw peeps openly smoking weed here and there but it was mostly discreet. Went down town to Freemont St. and that area has changed from 10 years ago(last time I was there). WAS fun area to be, the odds were a little better than the strip...
  20. TomD

    Burn notice

    💩That's one up on the blow out.:oops: That's a "Crime Scene". :rolleyes: Not only do you have to clean the youngster up you have to clean up the crib, new sheets an disinfect the area.😁