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  1. BUSTI


    I think we have made a decision on building a new family boat. I really like the Nordic 22' Evolution. It fits my family's size and the best part is it will fit in my garage with room to spare. I have been running through all the options on the boat and have decided on a few upgrades like...
  2. BUSTI

    Looking for a Meeting Place Mid-Way between Moscow ID and Phoenix AZ.

    After selling my boat last year I think I have found a new family ski sled. the only problem is the boat is located around Moscow, ID and I am in Phoenix, AZ. The seller has agreed to meet me half way so I can drive the boat and complete the deal. I just cant take several days off to drive...
  3. BUSTI

    Amsoil Remote Oil Filters

    I have been thinking of installing the Amsoil Bypass remote oil filters on my truck. It’s a 2019 Silverado with the Duramax. Does anyone have any experience with these systems? Good? Bad? Thanks...
  4. BUSTI

    [SOLD] Oils for free

    1- O’Reilly DOT 3 1- Lubrication Engineering SAE110 4- Mobil 1 5W-30 1- AutoZone ATF DEX/MERC 1- Valvoline Gear Oil SAE80W-90 8- Valvolive VR1 SAE50 2- Valvolive VR1 SAE40 2- Valvolive VR1 SAE20W-50 2- Royal Purple SAE20W-50 1- Royal Purple SAE10W-40 All pick up in HB. I’m sure someone can use...
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    [SOLD] 28” BRAVO ONE w/Light LAB finish

    28” BRAVO ONE. Propeller only used a few hours. Hill Propellers slightly LABBED and balanced propeller to give a little more mid range acceleration. $500.00 OBO. Call Marty at (714) 588-7086
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    Factory GM Crankshaft

    Good morning, I have a question about horsepower rating for a factory crankshaft. I am staring to collect parts for a new build and have come across a new in box GM crankshaft for a great price. It's a 4.00" stroke 502 one piece seal crankshaft P/N 10183723. Is this the same crank that...
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    F.A.S.T EFI for Roots Blowers

    So this off season I removed my B&M 250 Blower and installed an 8-71 Blower(dual 750s). I wanted a better look and of course the sound of the 8mm belt. As this project has been a success so far I find myself wanting to upgrade to EFI. A few weeks ago while sitting in the boat my wife says you...
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    8mm Blower Belt Squeal?

    Ok, here the set up. 461' BBC with a TBS 8-71. The 8-71 is new to my set up as well as new to me. I followed the instructions and tensioned the belt to 1"-3/4" cold tension. I've been running it for the past 5 days and am starting to notice what sounds like a belt squeal. Its non of the...
  9. BUSTI

    8-71 Blower Gears Replacement

    Well, I completely destroyed the gears in my supercharger. As this is my first time bolting on the drive hub and snout. I was assembling the hud to the gears and instead of holding the rotors with a soft piece of rubber to keep the them from spinning while I torques the hub I put a screw driver...
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    Bucket seats I had made. A-1 in Fullerton made them. Very good condition. SOLD
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    Great condition! There were on a V-Drive cruiser that I sold the engine for. Had custom extra long tales made so the water would exit right at the tips. Great platform for custom tails. SOLD!
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    Stainless steel 12" propeller. I don't remember exactly but I believe it's a 12X16. Great shape. 1" prop shaft. SOLD
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    B&M 250 Blower

    Blower just came off my boat. Blower is off of a of a Teague 460" engine. Blower is in great condition. Intake manifold is 250/420 combo so you can bolt a Teague intercooler right on. This set up put out 6 PSI of boost. Great condition. 250 supercharger Dual 4150 carburetor adapter Intake...
  14. BUSTI

    Rebuilding Torsion Hubs.

    So my Ellis trailer has torsion axles instead of leaf springs the hubs are in need of a complete bearing and seal overhaul. The bearing buddies do not work, they leak grease all over the wheels. They're a mess. I've been thinking instead of rebuilding them in the heat and dust in Parker I'm...
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    Roots Supercharger Boost Comparison

    First some insight on set up. The engine is a 460" BBC with iron 088 cylinder heads and polished chambers. The bottom end is pretty decent for what it is. Kellogg crank, Manley rods and JE 7.9:1 compression. With a non intercooled 250 B&M supercharger. Dual 750 Holley carbs. When it was built...
  16. BUSTI

    Labbed 26P RH Bravo 1 Prop

    SOLD Labbed 26P RH Bravo 1 Prop $425.00 Prop is in great shape. I am in HB but will be in Parker this weekend.
  17. BUSTI

    509? Big Block Chevrolet built by Pfaff Racing Engines

    SOLD! 509 Big Block Chevrolet built by Pfaff Racing Engines. Roughly 35 hours run time after build. Engine was broken in on the Dyno and then tuned on the Dyno. Dyno sheet provided. Engine made 577.4 ft-lbs @ 4,400 RPM and 563.6 HP @ 5,693 RPM. Engine was built with lower compression as...
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    Cleaning out some old parts for projects I no longer have. Shoot me a P.M. if you have nay questions. ? Stainless Steel crossover with thermostat. Rex Marine $100.00 ? 12* Left Hand Gears 25% OD. 10hours run time $300.00 ? 2 Blade S.S. Propeller 11 1/2 X 16 $200.00 SOLD ? 3 Blade S.S...
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    Crazy Crackheads!

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    Ignition Failure- MSD 6m

    Last week at the river I fire the boat up on the launch ramp and it fires right off & idles for a couple of minutes. I give it one little rev and it dies. I try to start it and nothing. Pull the boat up to the house and go through the ignition trouble shooting in MSD's manual (since I have fuel...