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  1. She's Mine

    WTB Hydromotive P5 30p or 32p

    Looking for a hydromotive P5 30 or 32p prop.
  2. She's Mine

    Looking for a new truck

    Any End of The Year deals going on? Looking at 1500 LT or above or a 2500HD Duramax...
  3. She's Mine

    Mercury Racing Bravo I 32p RH Labbed Prop

    I have a Bravo I 32 Merc Labbed Prop for sale. Doesn't work on my setup $900 or trade for Max 5 30/ 31 Myke 714-317-9607
  4. She's Mine

    Celebrating the BIG 5-0 Havasu style!

    Heading to Havasu Friday to celebrate my 50th, Nov 5th. Friday looks like great weather and looking to head to 3 Dunes during the day and if I'm vertical after dinner Flyin X that night. Saturday is Havasu Springs for breakfast then Topoc and Pirates then Turtle/ Channel. If you'll be in...
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    Who is going to the Extreme Powerboat meet and greet this Saturday 8/22 at Pirates Cove? Xtreme Products will be there stop by for a RDP Deal and free give aways by EXTREME POWERBOATS. We'll be parked in the Cove.
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    Headed to LOTO

    Well, I am finally getting this checked off the bucket list. Heading to LOTO tonight for a few days. Has anyone been? What do you recommend to check out, eat, and most of all drink?
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    Bitches I’m Posting from the App

    This is bad ass! RDP is f'ing mainstream now.... Holy Crap, Dave has raised the bar once again!
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    Bravo I 35p Labbed by BBlades

    I have a 35p Bravo I RH that was labbed by BBlades. Prop is in perfect condition. Props in So CA but can deliver to Havasu this weekend.
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    For my Taxifornia neighbors - We need something to make us smile

    I know this has been posted but it has been a while and we need to smile today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNiaYARLen8
  10. She's Mine

    Boating out of state, preferably Texas.

    So my fiance' and I have been throwing around the idea of moving out of California. The only and I mean the only thing holding us here are my kiddos but the ex is getting married soon and might be moving to FL so we have been thinking of making the move to Texas. Are there any inmates that...
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    Back Seat Passenger Safety/ Grab Handles

    I wanted to see what people are using in the back seat for their passengers to hold on to. This past weekend my buddy was in the back seat and said it is fine as long as we were doing 60-70 in smooth water but once we get up to 80-90-100+ he is uncomfortable and I see him grabbing the headrests...
  12. She's Mine

    Maximus 30p 5 Blade RH

    I have a stock long tube Maximus 30p 5 Blade RH prop that is in new condition. It is a 15 5/8" diameter prop that has never been touched. Buyer pays shipping. $950.00 obo + shipping. 714-317-9607
  13. She's Mine

    Whipple 4" & 4.5" Top Pullies

    I have a set (2) 4.5" 12 rib like new Whipple black top pullies and a set (2) of 4" 12 rib Whipple black top pullies for trade or sale. I am looking for a set of 4.25" top pullies any color. Willing to separate if someone is running a single. Thanks Myke
  14. She's Mine

    Laker Nation

    Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are gone as the Lakers promote Magic Johnson to President of Basketball Operations. :eek Now maybe we can get back to our winning ways. :champagne:
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    2004 Chevy 2500HD Silverado Crew Cab LS Diesel

    2004 Chevy 2500HD Silverdo LLY Diesel Crew Cab 2 wheel drive. Charcoal grey with grey cloth interior Front 60/40 split bench (Power drivers seat) Dual digital climate control Power Steering Cruise Control 4 wheel ABS Dual Airbags Convenient Package (steering wheel controls) Power Windows...
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    Who is the go to Loan Agent?

    Who is the RDP goto home loan agent? Looking to refi our house. Send me a PM.
  17. She's Mine

    SCX Drive with blue printer lower

    Looking to sell my SCX with a Brad Stewart/ E-Ticket Boats blue printed lower. Drive has 25 hours on it, near new condition. Comes with the 1300 lower with 1.34 gears and a 1 7/16 prop shaft. $14,000 OBO.
  18. She's Mine

    A/C person in Eastvale

    One of my home a/c units stopped working this weekend so does anyone know an a/c guy in Eastvale?
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    CHeck out this close call

  20. She's Mine

    Optima Blue Top

    Does anyone know a shop in Havasu that sells the Optima Blue Tops?