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    Avila Beach Stay Recommendations

    The wife and I stay at the Avilla village inn. Its a bit of walk to downtown Avilla, but we like the exercise and the hotel is nice and quiet.
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    Brain trust....How to troubleshoot no spark on a 6AL MSD system

    They are prone to failure and probably don't offer much upside in your application.
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    Water in cylinders after intake swap?

    What are the specs on the cam? Reversion can be a big issue. When we built our motor I spoke to the guy at Lightning headers and he said as cubic inches increase duration needs to decrease. I'm sure someone like Barry would know a lot more
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    WTB VW bug motor

    Id be interested. Can you let me know when he's pulling it out, and what he wants for it. Thanks Ian
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    WTB VW bug motor

    Someone just sent me a PM for a motor but unfortunately the message disappeared. If it was you, please resend.
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    WTB VW bug motor

    Thank you for all the replies. This car is a nice driver, but not perfect. It's been sitting in storage for 20yrs so I'm currently making it road worthy and doing small updates. I'll make some calls this week to local shops and see what my options are with my current motor, or a new build.
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    WTB VW bug motor

    They pop up but seem to be too far away, or sell too quickly. One option is to buy an older sandrail with a decent motor, but then you have to deal with selling the rail
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    WTB VW bug motor

    Kind of a long shot, but I've been looking for a nice motor for my 66 bug. Something with 100-150hp naturally aspirated. I figure one of you might have something sitting in the garage. Currenrly has a mild 1776 with dual Dellartos, but I need more power!
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    Rebuild engine or repower

    I'd perform a leak down and if they check out, you could easily upgrade those motors to close to 600hp. It wouldn't be cheap, but it'd be a lot.less than two new motors.
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    Kawi 550 Resto

    Looking good
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    1994 25' Eliminator Eagle 250

    Congrats, I look forward to watching your progress.
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    Masks are dangerous!

    Imagine all these surgeons that have been exposed to dangerous levels of carbon dioxide wearing "surgical masks" their entire career....
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    Kirkey race seat

    It came with a car I bought so I know much. Size is 16", part # 43500
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    Kirkey race seat

    Seat was mounted but never used. $300
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    New Autometer Gauges

    5" tach with recall, all other gauges are 2 5/8" Oil pressure Oil temp Water temp $300 for all of them. Pretty sure the tach alone is more than that
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Got my 2nd Moderna shot last Friday morning and woke up Saturday with mild flu like symptoms that lasted roughly 10 hours. Most of the guys at my station had a similar experience.
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    Custom exhaust work near Ventura County?

    I'll be taking it to Jim this week. It's definitely load with the one chambers but sounds great.
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    Custom exhaust work near Ventura County?

    I recently upgraded to long tube headers and unfortunately the BBK x-pipe won't work with my suspension. Can anyone recommend a shop in Ventura County that can do some custom exhaust work.
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    Vaccine Yes or No (place your vote)

    I just showed my wife this post and she chuckled... Vaccines stay in our system for a few days, no reason for a 1yr, 5yr, 10yr study. The fact is this trial was actually one of the larger trials performed. In all honesty I'm grateful for people like you because it means the people that want...